Beertone: A Beer Color Reference Guide

What happens when a love of beer and a love of color come together in one awesome project? The answer is Beertone.

Created by a two man team in Switzerland, Beertone wants to combine beautiful design and beer into a fun and useful resource for anyone that loves either. Right now you can pre-order their beer color chart in one of three different packages, two of which include sweet Beertone branded mugs.

Each stylish card in the color chart features a detailed description of the beer and its color, which of course includes plenty of important acronyms like ABV, CMYK, and RGB. Being the good designers that they are, the Beertone guys have provided a handy graphic of what you can expect.

While the first Beertone is already underway, there are many beers of many varieties of colors in the world, which means there’s even more color charts to come. Next up they have German Beers and Brazilian Beers, and you can also suggest beers for future editions. I know I personally would love to see a Colorado-specific edition, so they might be getting one or two (or ten) suggestions from me in the near future. :)

This is a unique and creative project and it’s fun to see it being executed in such a clever and well-designed way. If you’re interested in helping support Beertone, you can pre-order directly on their website or contact them at [email protected].

Cheers and may you enjoy the color of your beer.

Author: Sprouticus
Community builder, color lover, bike rider, book reader.