Whet Your Appetite: Colorful First Courses

Whet Your Appetite: Colorful First Courses

On Forkly, stunning food images from food and drink lovers around the globe are an everyday treat. The luscious red of a perfectly plump summer tomato; the deep, velvety green of fresh-picked mint; the marbled yellow of golden beets...the list goes on. We've repeatedly found that the brightest, most colorful dishes and drinks are the ones that spark the most enthusiastic responses both at the dinner table and in the online world of food photography.

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So for the next few weeks, we’ll be serving you a course a week at our virtual Forkly dinner table. This week, we wanted to whet your appetite with a beautiful range of first course dishes from users across the US and Europe. Play around with the images and you’ll see more information about the restaurant and other dishes tried there...or simply take in their beauty--savor that first bite.

Bon Appetit!

1) Gran Fra i Fjor & Sjøkreps (Last Year's Spruce & Langoustine)


2) Oysters


3) Strawberry Gazpacho


4) Walnut Crusted Burrata, Grilled Broccoli & Anchovy Caponata


5) Heirloom Tomatoes


To start sharing your own colorful dishes, download the Forkly app (for free) today!

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Caught this post on my way to upload pictures of food I take to pull color pallets from!
All these photos are incredibly lovely, will definitely check out Forkly soon.
Wow !!
Great post.
Nice post.

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