Inspiration from Business Cards – The Most Colorful Part of Your Business

Little things can make a big difference when it comes to first impressions… your business card is not only an opportunity to let potential clients, friends, squash partners, and recipe swap mates Know what your business is all about, but it is also an opportunity to let them in on a bit of your personality.

Below you will find some links that we hope will inspire you to be a little more colorful, or at least act as a reminder that it’s time to reorder more business cards.

Find Your Inspiration

When it come to business cards no one does it quite like the Japanese. Take a look at the history and tradition of Meishi, and check out a few other links to see what that long tradition has come to look like in the contemporary world today: Japanese Business Cards | Meishi The Art of Introduction | Business Card for Tamiya | Printing Museum Tokyo

Maybe look back to the first widely used business cards also known as Trade Cards.

You could check out one of the the many businees card galleries right everywhere on the web: Card Observer |CardonizerCreatticaCard Gala

And blog roundups: One Man’s Blogcreativebits

Try out some DIY ideas.

Or dive right in to flickr’s business card sets & groups: Daily Poetic’s Business Card SetMOO GroupThe Business CardThe Art of the Business Card

A Few Examples from the Aforementioned links

Find Your Printer

Once you’re inspired just find yourself a printer. If you happen to be inspired by the palettes and patterns here on COLOURlovers, set yourself up with some MOO cards or one of the other many template & design-it-yourself business card sites that can easily be found with a “business cards” search. I recommend doing a local search for printers in your area before reaching out the the global community, unless you need them by tomorrow.

Business Card Colors from the Library

Business_Card business_card_1

business_card Business_cards

business_card business_card_2

Business_Card Business_Card

business_card_colors Business_Card

Business_card_colour business_card

Business_Cards Business_card

Have you designed or colored any business cards for yourself or a client lately? Share your images or palettes in the comments.

Header cards by Definitive Studio in The Business Card group.

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