What’s Crafty On Etsy This Week: Shades of Green

This week on Etsy, we found many of our top picks just happened to feature shades of green. Maybe artists are looking forward to fall? While there’s always something to be found in every color on Etsy from jewelry to clothing to art, it seemed like artists were in the mood to evoke the spirit of cooler temperatures on the eclectic site this past few days. And who are we to complain?


The easiest way to get your friends to keep coming over for dinner (well, other than cooking them spectacular food, that is) is to make your dinner table memorable. A quick splash of color in the form of dinnerware will do just that! This gorgeous green ceramic set from Etsy artist chutneyblakedesigns is hand-painted and kiln-fired and also comes in a variety of other colors (I love the dramatic look of the black set). Her shop has more in the same style, as well as picture frames, coaster sets, serving bowls and more.


Masks aren’t just for Halloween anymore, you know. If you want to add a touch of light-hearted humor to that dinner party I mentioned above, you could always wear an owl mask to greet your guests. As you can imagine, Etsy artist PunchDrunkPrincess has more than just one type of mask available for sale through her eclectic shop — she’ll also make a custom mask of YOUR cat for you to wear, for instance. Now when my cat makes that same angry face at me (the only face he is capable of, to my knowledge), I can make the same face back. Would that open a wormhole in time?


Some people are kind of standard when it comes to shoe choices — I’m kind of a Converse girl, myself, But I always envy people who boldly wear brightly colored shoes. This pair from Etsy seller LaLaShoes are simply the closest one can get to actually wearing the season of spring on your feet. Made from linen and flannel by hand, this lovely pair is the last in these colors, but the shop has many different styles and shades to choose from. And they are available for babies as well as adults!


It does seem like the world is full of particle board furniture these days, doesn’t it? With a piece like this from Etsy seller jasondupin, you can stop your parents from going into that speech about how furniture was real wood when they were growing up — this is 100 percent real wood! We were attracted to the vivid green, but he can create them in any color. He’ll also paint designs on them if you request them, so if your little one wants a favorite character to greet his or her playspace every morning, it can be done!


I think most people come to Etsy looking for something they can wear ( I know I do). But how about something you can use, like soap? These gorgeous bars from SilverMaple Soaps are made from real goat’s milk and vegetable oils, along with castor oil to moisturize, palm kernel oil and coconut oil. Just perfect for a guest bathroom to add an extra touch of class. And they come in so many delicious looking colors and scents — look at how lovely the Summer Lilac soaps are.


I think one of my worst vices when it comes to Etsy is likely earrings, as I could spend the whole day looking through their plentiful selection. This pair comes from Polestar, who makes all pieces by hand and uses beautiful natural stones in all of them. Not an emerald fan? Sapphire, amethyst, citrine and more can be found in all sorts of designs through the PoleStar shop.

We hope we’ve helped you get into the spirit of fall this week! We’ll bring you more selection from the best of Etsy next week.

Colette has written for a number of video game websites including Gamasutra, Kotaku, and Destructoid and co-hosted one hundred episodes of gaming podcast RetroforceGo! She also founded her own collectible toy culture blog in 2008, Tomopop.com, which has since served the needs of over 2 million plastic-obsessed readers.