The Acrobatic Colors Of Cirque Du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil™, the world famous “Modern Circus”, performs their Big Top shows on every continent. Their live music, incredible performers and colorful sets make them one of the most recognized shows in the world. Since 1984 they’ve put on more than 21 different shows, each with it’s own unique theme.

Cirque du Soleil™

Cirque du Soleil
This poster is from the troop’s first successful tour in 1984.

Le Magie Continue™

La Magie Continue
Cirque du Soleil created a new tour in 1986, titled La Magie Continue.

Cirque Reinvente™

Cirque Reinvente
Le Cirque Réinventé was an Emmy award-winning film in 1989, capturing the extraordinary Cirque du Soleil show of the same name that played for sold-out audiences in 1987.

Nouvelle Experience™

Nouvelle ExperienceThe brilliant artistry of Cirque du Soleil has transformed the circus into an exciting, novel performance experience. Nouvelle Experience celebrates the magic of their innovative techniques and the genius of one of the most visionary groups of artists in the world. Included in the show that toured for 19 months in 1990-1991, performing to over 1.3 million people: Contortion, Korean Plank, Solo Trapeze, Tightrope, Aerial Straps, Acrobatics, Trampoline and Balancing on Chairs.


mystere.jpg Mystere
Mystère is a celebration of life. From the genesis of the first life forms to the rise of human civilizations, the driving force has always been the vital spark of life. Combining the powerful athleticism, high-energy acrobatics and inspiring imagery that has become the company’s hallmark, Mystère thrills generations of audiences with its exhilarating blend of whimsy, drama and the unimaginable brought to life on stage.


o.jpg O
Inspired by the concept of infinity and the elegance of water’s pure form, O pays tribute to the beauty of the theater – from the simplest street performance to the most lavish of operas.


quidam.jpg Quidam
When you think you have already seen everything there is to see and your world has lost all meaning you find yourself in the universe of Quidam.


saltimbanco.jpg Saltimbanco
Saltimbanco celebrates life. This phantasmagorical show proposes a new vision of urbanity, overflowing with optimism and happiness.


varekai.jpg Varekai
Varekai, Romani for “wherever”, is an acrobatic tribute to the nomadic soul.


zumanity.jpg Zumanity
Zumanity, or ‘Human Zoo’, reflects the Sensual Side of Cirque du Soleil through an erotic and intoxicating cabaret show.


alegria.jpg Alegria
Through a glimpse of the horrors of our past and the great possibilities of our future, Alegria inspires us to be better individuals and to work together with our fellow man.


corteo.jpg Corteo
Cortéo, which means “cortège” (funeral procession) in Italian, is a festive parade imagined by a clown at his own funeral.


delirium.jpg Delirium
Delirium is the quest for balance in a world that is increasingly out of sync with reality. The show features a mix of music, dance, theatre, and multimedia.


dralion.jpg Dralion
Dralion is a celebration of the four elements that maintain the natural order: air, water, fire and earth.


ka.jpg KA
Expressing the lessons of duality and reciprocity, this is the epic story of twins on their perilous journey to fulfill their shared destiny.


kooza.jpg Kooza
Kooza combines two circus traditions – acrobatic performance and the art of clowning, and highlights the physical demands of human performance in all its splendor and fragility.

La Nouba™

la_nouba.jpg La Nouba
La Nouba, a playful yet awkward bird, has escaped her cage and desperately wants to fly. But she remains trapped in the urban world like a marionette with tangled strings.



Wintuk is an enchanting winter tale about a young boy, Jamie, and his quest to find snow.


Zaia is the dream of a young girl who journeys into space on a strange, yet familiar, voyage of self-discovery. As she travels, she encounters the beauty of humanity and eventually brings it back with her to share with the inhabitants of earth.

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