Fall Colors 2008: CL Vs. Pantone Vs. Nature

With the official start of fall (September 22nd) quickly approaching, we thought it was time to check out this year’s fall color predictions from a few different sources, and watch to see what color actually appear this upcoming season.

So, today were going to take a look at the colors from the Pantone Fashion Color Report fall 2008, the current top colors on COLOURlovers, along with mother nature’s picks.

Pantone Color Report fall 2008 vs Current CL Top Colors

They may have been officially decided during fashion week back in February by some of the top designers and Pantone’s experts, but we all know that fashion designers are not the only ones picking the colors. Surprises from the streets, pulled from thrift and vintage shops, along with those forgotten colors buried in the back of unorganized closets, and others, pulled from the pile you swore three months ago you were going to donate, all reemerge bringing unexpected colors to the season.

Here at COLOURlovers we decide when fall actually roles around and we can look to see what everyone thinks are the current best colors. And since the fall is technically not here yet, maybe we can assume that the current top CL colors are still a little warm, and we’ll see some of these colors cool down while others emerge on top as September 22nd roles around.

“Serving as a wonderful base color, Shady Glade delivers a natural elegance to the fall palette. Taking green in an interesting direction with its true green characteristics, this hue is a departure from greens of seasons past, which have had distinctively yellow undertones.”
Nothing says love like the green surgical gloves of a doctor going inside you body holding a very sharp tool.

“Twilight Blue, a twist on a classic navy, shows the transitional aspect of spring segueing into fall.”
The perfect color for hiding from any sort of witch on a cold fall night. Just make sure you know which witch is which.

“Blue Iris, a beautifully balanced blue with an undertone of
purple, is a favorite among designers, as it combines the calming aspects of blue with the mystical and spiritual qualities of purple.”
It’s close to blue iris, but a little bolder, like if the ball rolled over the blue irises.

“Reds are a steadfast favorite for fall and Aurora Red is no exception. Versatile and universally appealing, this true red adds a splash of energy to the palette.”
It’s close to a mix of Aurora Red and Burnt Orange but maybe with a little Barry White, a fireplace and a chilly fall evening thrown in.

“The complex yet modest Shitake is an intriguingly understated shade, especially when teamed with the robust colors of fall ‘08.”
A nice mixture of white rice and Shitake mushrooms seems to come to mind with this hue.

“Soft, dusky Withered Rose, with its pinkish qualities and brown undertones, is a versatile
hue that blends with every shade.”
A welcoming shade filled with life and no signs of withering away anytime soon.

“Ochre, a beautifully mellow yellow with a hint of mustard, adds a touch of lightness and spice.”
Taking that fall leaf yellow and mixing it with a nice light linen suit, one that would be nice to wear while sitting at a cafe in the evening light of Panama.


“Dramatic Royal Lilac brings purple to the forefront of fashion, and generates a bit of heat with its exciting red undertones.”   



“Orange has had a long run, and now, more than ever, consumers are gravitating toward intense shades like Burnt Orange, bringing this once steady background color to the foreground.”   


Nature’s Fall Colors

There are plenty of great colors to look forward to as we pass into the time when I usually put up a tropical island poster behind my desk, which will eventually hold a savings jar where I scribble ‘warm vacation’ on an unevenly torn piece of masking tape wrapped around the center of the jar using a black sharpy. There, also affixed to the jar, but sometime after the ‘warm vacation’ tag, will be a larger illustrated message on a post-it note with a stick figure reaching into a similar looking savings jar in one frame, and the same stick figure at a liquor store with a bag inscribed with ‘winter survival kit’ in the the second frame. The purpose of this note is to remind me that I’m spending too much and should cut back on my gas usage and keep the that thermostat turned down a little lower in order to afford my warm vacation.

Photo by MontanaRaven

One thing that keeps me going, as we get closer and closer to winter, are the lovely colors that appear as the heat of the summer burns away. That is why, I think, nature has the best color picks for this, and any, fall.

Photo by cindy47452
taosted_peach jackfruit
Photo by Muffet

Photo by leosagnotti
thirsty_for_grape fallen_gold
Photo by gwen

Photo by Christian et Cie
slight_overlook purple_touch
Photo by yousoundhollow

So what will the best colors be this fall. Maybe we should celebrate the burning off of the hot summer colors with rich sunset shades, dark earth tones, overripe fruits and decomposing leaves, as we wait to settle into the cool blues and grays of winter.

What colors are you looking forward to seeing this fall?

Author: evad
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