Wall Decals + Wallpaper: Adding Color Without Paint

Wall Decals + Wallpaper: Adding Color Without Paint

I'd love to share some of my work with you today. I'm about to debut my patterns at the New York Surtex (surface pattern/textile) show on May 18-20. It would be wonderful to see my patterns turn into practical applications. That's how I want to share my art. Perhaps they could be made into wallpaper, wall decals, bedding, you name it. It should be an interesting show (I'm a little nervous). If you're coming please stop by my booth to say hello (booth 1010). Before I show you some stunning ways to add color to your home without the arduous task of taping and painting your walls, here are some of my own patterns for you to see. For more of my work please visit my site.

Samantha Hahn Patterns

Pneumatic Knockout:


Botany 101:

And now for some great companies that sell beautiful wallpaper, and decals ready for you to brighten your decor without paint!

Wall Decals + Wallpaper

Studio Nommo is a great one to start with. It's a customized wallpaper studio, offering creative, and design oriented wallpapers. You can even make your own! Here are some designs and color ways I love:


is another fabulous company with decals to die for. They even give you a palette key to choose your wall color so you can see how the decal will look on it. Clever. Further, you can choose your decal color. Most clever. Nothing is better than customizable color! See:


Blik "is a line of surface graphics created by and for people who like to change their mind. These self-adhesive wall decals (think stickers for grown-ups) allow you to easily transform the look of a living or office space in minutes. Affix blik to any smooth, flat surface such as a wall, window, mirror, ceiling, tabletop or floor. Choose your space, plan the design you'd like to make, and literally, just peel and stick. And when you're tired of your design, say after years, a month, maybe a day - the decals are removable."

The Coolhunter has a fantastic post on wall art with some of the best wall murals I've ever seen. You must check out the whole post. Here are some of my favorites:


Or, perhaps you want to order a mural from Just Murals?

Maybe you are feeling very crafty and want to paint your own. Here's how via Ehow.

For inspiration check out this excellent site Maxalot that brings together graphic design, iconography, street art and all the hybrids in between to create exhibitions and creative projects related to the art of image-making.

There are just a myriad of things you can do to give your walls a color and design kick without putting your wrists out of commission painting and painting....I suppose if you hang your own wallpaper you'll be getting a work out but it'll be worth it. I hope you feel inspired!

I often write about pattern, design, art and such on my blog Maquette if you have time to pop over, check it out. I guess I'm shamelessly promoting today.

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I'm in love with the Blik decals, especially the Threadless designs. Who knew my shirt could match my walls so well? :)

Your patterns are gorgeous! Good luck with everything at the show!
Great article!
I love wall decals...

I love your patterns... amazing!
These are so perfect, someone please save this it will be classic for this decade
I love all these designs.... Beautiful.
This is great! Thanks for sharing!
I love your patterns.
Stunning! I love the first pattern the most. It would make such a stunning wallpaper. Thanks for sharing this :)
Oh thank you so much, glad you like! Hopefully the industry will too.
Thanks so much for this. Good luck with your patterns at the show.
Dear Samantha,

We will be attending both the ICFF and Surtex shows. We would love to do some business as we are in the wallcovering business in many respects. We print on grand format machines using deisgns like yous for clients like Caesars Palace and Juicy Couture. If we do not get together during the show, please contact us afterwards to discuss representing your wonderful patterns. We even print on mylar and grasscloth digitally.

Steve Abrams
These wall decals are great! Luv the designs.
I put up some berry tree decals in our girls bedroom from ZOZO Living. Just gives a room so much style.
Hiii ,

I'm French but I like an English Website !
It's www.hu2.com
It's really full range and design !!

these are great.! I fell in love with the Swarovski wall art the minute my eyes fell on
them. Thanks to Shelly walls - I dint have the least trouble in
applying it to my walls, and they just look perfect.

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