Remembering a Friend, Artist and COLOURlover

Remembering a Friend, Artist and COLOURlover

Teresa, Teri, Faded Jeans passed away April, 11th... She was a much loved part of our community and she will be greatly missed. A fellow COLOURlover and friend let me know the sad news and I felt it appropriate to let you all know... but, most importantly to share a little of the amazing color love that she left behind with us.

Love Without End Forever and Always

Germany- Teresa Lynne Light, 51, formerly of Kingsport passed away unexpectedly early Friday morning (April 11, 2008) in Attendorn, Germany.

She was born in Warner Robbins, Georgia and had lived the majority of her life in Kingsport until moving to Germany in 2003. Teresa was a graduate of Dobyns-Bennett High School in 1975. She worked for the City of Kingsport from 1987 to 2003. She was a talented artist.

Mrs. Light is preceded in death by her mother, Betty Light and her sisters, Judith Smith & Vanessa Webb.

Teresa Light is survived by her husband, Dr. Nils Hoffmann; her daughter, Cara Webster & her husband, Barry; a brother, Steve Light.

A memorial service will be conducted on Saturday (May 3, 2008) at 2 p.m. at Carter-Trent Funeral Home, Kingsport with Ed Clevenger, minister officiating.

You can post an online condolence to the family here.

Celebrating the Colors of Her Life

I believe in celebrating a life and what I will humbly attempt to do here is to celebrate the colors of her life that she shared with us. I did not have the pleasure of knowing her in the real world, but I appreciate her very much and feel so very honored and touched to have created a place for her to share her inspirations, passions and her heart... a place that will continue to share that and carry her love forward.

From Her Profile:

Color and light are two deities that are more like muses to me instead of the foundation basics that they are when one talks about artistic elements and principals. So, whether it's for my projects as a canvas-easel painter or for my pixelations in the field of computer graphics art, I hope to use this site to gather inspirations for new artsy projects as well as share some colorful (and colourful *s*) inspirations of my own.

~*Colors breathe life into the imagination, passion into the unseen*~

Our Favorites of Hers

Dont_Fence_Me_In Black_Tulip
Crocodile_Tears Guinness
Moon_Warrior Turning_Turquoise
Part-Time_Super_Girl Blue_tile
Walk_The_Line Terra_Cotta
Sprout Hamburg_Canals

Part-Time Super Girl LipstickOnHisCollar
Hymn For My Soul Vermeer's Christ
Mucha-esque plch-chromatics
Bordeaux-a-Go-Go Moon Warriors
Erotic Klimt Orange On Hiatus
Adobe Turkish Oud
Diamond Anatomy Green Knees
Fruit-fly Dreams Mocassins

Some of Her Favorites

barely_there fresh_snow
secret_diary a_resourceful_hunter
guildered mindless_drive
fishes_drink_water Christmas_aroma
Sunlit_Canopy garden_party
Marble_Column Laleh_In_A_Snowstorm
too_much_to_want how_come_
actually Pea_Pea

nu blu dark Sans Nombre
field of tulips chocolate medley
of marriage & babies evening hours
Purgatory´s Bay The Eddie Vedder
cocooning Addiction
turn to dark The Muddy Mississip'
Black Amber Quietly We Go
It breaks my heart that the only pattern she created was a tribute to me. (Darius' Dare) I'm not sure I deserve that honor, but I will cherish the pattern and the words she left me...

"Thank you Darius for creating a powerful resource that not only feeds the needs of those that create, work and play amongst colours but for also playing an important role by *awakening" those that never paused long enough to see the beauty of life via colours. Personally, I admire you for challenging others to remember that the best life has to offer happens when you appreciate your personal gifts and help others less fortunate. Thank you Darius!"

With all my heart, Thank you Teresa. You will be greatly missed.

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How very sad, a real loss to the community. My condolences to her family and friends, she left this earth too soon.
oh... tears...
I can't find my 2+2=5 palettes I made with faded jeans. I wish we could search our descriptions and our love notes...

But, here is a palette from a round with another colourlover. It was a fun game that faded jeans started a group for.

zero to 60

I so appreciated her friendliness and she often re-loved palettes of mine. It was very sweet. I will miss her.
Here they are...
Seattle MoonsBeetlejuice!
Faded Jeans is ♥
faded jeans
faded jeans
faded jeans
faded jeans
faded jeans' poem
Faded Jeans
what sad news. She'll be greatly missed, she made beautiful, beautiful palettes and was so sweet.
My heart goes out to her family and friends.
goodbye Teresa, you will be missed.
I can't believe it. She was such a great CL friend and an amazingly generous and kind human being. I'll miss her. I already do.
Thanks for letting us know.
Ohhh! I can't believe she is gone! She will be dearly missed!
Wintry Mix
Grande Expectations

She was way too young and full of life. I too, will miss her.
May she find peace in rest. Sending love and warm thoughts to friends and family.....

Thank you for being wonderful.

Oh My Gosh - isn't it strange, I never met her but my heart sank when I read this post!

It makes me kind of ill to post this, but she had been absent from the site for awhile...
(health reasons?) Who knows. In an rather sterile world of internet communication, she always seemed to have a warmth.

not fade away.
"Oh My Gosh - isn't it strange, I never met her but my heart sank when I read this post!"

It hit me a lot harder than I would have imagined. It was actually a very emotional experience writing this post.
She definitely did have a warmth. I just loved her! She was wonderful.

I remeber that she left me really sweet comments on these palettes:

Divine Intuition


She was the only one who would vote on those 2 every month.

Even though I've never met her, I will miss her. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.
wow. the comment she left to you Darius was *beautiful*.
I am saddened not to have meet her :(
I've just realized it was the beginning of another month. Faded Jeans always reloved her favorites and encouraged others to do the same. I often thought of her when doing so. Teresa, I'm doing it for you now.
Oh sad, she was one of my first CL buddies.
My heart breaks upon this news! I always admired her work and her presence here.
My thoughts and prayers are with her friends and family.

THANK YOU for the wonderful colors Teresa!
unfaded jeans
What deeply, deeply saddening news. Teresa left the world a better place than she found it.
Never bored
Better-Than-Sex Cake
Oh sad... Teresa is the wonderful CL. I never met her but my heart sank real when I read this post...

Thanks for letting us know.
What a fantastic human being.

You can count me in the multitude that's going to miss her dearly.
How heartbreaking.

She will be missed.
she left us too early

rest easy.
): this is incredibly sad.
Oh this is sad. I do remember her always re-loving palettes.

It is odd, how though we may never meet each other in the "real world", we still feel a connection to some people here. Most of the members here are so sweet. The stories we share, the little jokes, they make for better days. We are connected by our love for colour and the simple pleasure of making the colours sing, not only for ourselves but for the CL community. I will miss seeing Teri's sweet songs.
onebreath wrote:
I've just realized it was the beginning of another month. Faded Jeans always reloved her favorites and encouraged others to do the same. I often thought of her when doing so. Teresa, I'm doing it for you now.
Me too. She was the first to re-love me and was very sweet to explain re-loving and several other questions in my first days here. She even invited me to my first two groups - Zico's Eyes and 2+2=5. I have no illusions that I was the first or last who got this kind welcome to CL. You didn't have to meet her in person to know her, because her generous spirit was present across the distance. Rest in peace sweet friend, and thank you for teaching me to love this place.
faded jeans

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