Colours and how they influence your life


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The dresses that you choose for yourself will either make or break your life. That is just the first step. The colours that you choose for your dresses becomes more important for you because of their integrated psychological importance.

The colour wheel


The colour wheel can help you to understand the relationship between different colours. And it can help you to choose the right clothes for yourself.


Primary colours- primary colours include red, yellow and blue. You cannot mix other colours to get these colours. Every other colour is derived from these colours.


Secondary colours-these are the colours that you can get by mixing primary colours at different proportions. For example, if you mix red and yellow, you will get orange; if you mix blue and yellow, you will get green and if you mix red and blue, you will get violet. These are known as the secondary colours.

Tertiary colours- these are the colours that you get by mixing a primary colour with a secondary colour.

The colour of your clothes reveal a lot


The colour of your clothes reveal a lot about your personality type. Depending on the colour you choose or avoid, it can reveal a lot about your personality. Your dressing is a form of personal expression and by wearing specific clothes you are sending out messages to the world. Now the question is- Are you sending the right messages?


Colours play a major role in our lives by influencing our moods and emotions. A colour can make you feel secure or feel uneasy. It may happen because even though you are consciously not aware of the symbolic meanings of some colours, your subconscious is very much knowledgeable about them and so you feel different feelings about different colours of your dresses. One colour may mean something to you and something different to someone else.


Black colours-you need to have the perfect black dress that is flattering to your body in your closet. Black is important for you because it symbolises extremes which means all or nothing. It can mean strength, power, elegance, sophistication and authority.

Blue colours- blue colour cools and soothes. If you are wearing a blue colour, it is sending out the masses that you are a creative, positive, peace loving, and loyal person. It will also symbolises that you live by your own rules. People who generally like blue are smart, have a quick wit and are independent. Do you like blue?

Brown colours- brown colours symbolise things that are solid and grounded because it is the colour of the earth. If you wear a brown, you are sending out the masses that you are stable, smart and dependable.

Grey colours- if you wear a grey most of the time, it may mean that you are indifferent, depressed and apathetic. It may mean that you lack self-confidence and you are suppressive.

Silver colours-if you like metabolic colours like silver, it means that you are not shy, you are adventurous, hip and are for anything.


Red colours- red colours can help you to stand out and grab the spotlight. It symbolises the life and it’s a colour of energy. It is very empowering and it can provide you with lots of confidence. It is also associated with sensuality, aggression, passion and boldness.

Orange colours- orange is the colour which makes you open for new possibilities. It is associated with creativeness, enthusiasm, good times, warmth and ambition. It will make you appear a positive, energising and engaging mood.


Pink colours- in general pink is associated with femininity. However, it does not mean that men cannot wear anything pink. If he is comfortable with both the masculine and feminine side of his personality, he can definitely wear a pink dress and rock it. It is associated with unconditional love and it reduces aggression.

Purple colours- purple is the colour of royalty and it is also a symbol of wealth. It can help you to send out the masses that you are rich both materially and spiritually. It may help you to mean that you have a rich inner life, you are artistic and creative and you also have great instincts about people.

Yellow colours- yellow makes you logical, happy, optimistic and cheerful. It can be overpowering at some times. It will help you by encouraging intelligence and inspiration.

Green colours- green colour is associated with generosity, healing and a rejuvenated state of mind. It is also closely associated with nature and money it is a calming colour. If you wear a green, it will convey the masses that you are charismatic and you also care for other people.

White colours- white means cleansing and new beginnings. It helps you to look fresh and bright. White is also associated with balance, higher money, purity and courage.


The fashionable dress colours for the summer 2018


After knowing about the relationship between colours, your personality and the masses you are sending out to the world, let’s find out more about the colours of the dresses brought in by one of the popular and successful destination for daring, exciting and edgy fashion- (Zaful). It is an online shop that specialises in offering most daring, exciting and edgy fashion apparel. If you’re looking for dresses in trend, design excellence and exceptional quality. If you’re looking for the latest and compelling designs for the fashionably hip people, you will find it here.

The summer edit is here

You can get ready for the summer with the new summer edit of Zaful. Whether you want tops, bottoms, dresses, bikinis, plus size clothing, everything is there. Dresses for sports and accessories are also available at the site. It is absolute favourite for summer outfits and swimwear as it is affordable, has a large selection, trendy and super chic.


Find out the latest collection of strapless dresses here.


And we bring you more info about so many new and different products which will help you to look gorgeous whenever you want.


From Milan to Milwaukee we're bringing all the best fashion colour ideas and inspirations together to help you design the right look, plan the perfect outfit or construct your new line- is what the fashion channel on ColourLovers is all about. And so you will find so many different some fashion colour ideas and inspirations at one place which you can use for your own creative and artistic designs, new product creation and construction of your new line. It will help you to find so many ideas about inspired cutting-edge fashion which is in an ahead of the trend.

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Colourlovers community: Seven colour palettes you liked best

We shared, you voted. This article will present the best colour palettes of the previous month that you can combine and use for your creative projects.


1. Story told in waves


2. Five shades of dark

3. The shadows of the sea

4. Just a summer day

5. Magic in colour: Orange

6. Magic in colour: Purple

7. Magic in colour: Yellow


We asked a fellow Colourlover, Antonio Sánchez, to help us out and make colourful mandalas using the color combinations from palettes that were the most popular on our Instagram account in the past month.

Can you match the mandalas with the palettes?







If you want to try and make something similar, head up to his blog and check out the code he wrote for previous collaboration with ColourLovers. Isn't it great?

If there are any of you Colourlovers that love to be creative, original, love to share your work, shoot us an email or a social media message so we can see how we can collaborate and inspire our community.

How did you like mandalas? Do you do something similar? Let us know in the comment section.


About the author:

Antonio Sánchez Chinchón is mathematician who works as data scientist at Telefónica, where he tries hard to extract value from data every day. He is the creator of Fronkonstin, a blog on mathematical experiments, data science, data art and R programming. He plays the banjo in a rock band. You can find him on Twitter @aschinchon.

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Navy and Green Patterns and Backgrounds

Navy and Green Patterns and Backgrounds

Are you completely addicted to blue and green colors? I love the idea of combining these two colors and if you do too, here are some backgrounds and wallpapers from Subway Party I know you'll enjoy using. These patterns feature a variety of nautical elements including compasses and anchors, as well as chevron designs.

Navy and Green Nautical Patterns


Blue and Green Anchor Patterns


Blue and Green Golf Patterns

Blue and Green Dots and Stripes Patterns

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Colorful Saree Fabrics

Colorful Saree Fabrics

One of the places I have seen the most unique color combinations in fabrics was India. The saris there are absolutely gorgeous, and designers come up with the most interesting and unique color combinations and fabric choices. I wish I could wear a color saree everyday, because of their comfort and colorful styles.

Check out some of these amazing saris that feature unique color combinations for your inspiration. If you create any palettes based on these gorgeous outfits be sure to include a link at the bottom.

I hope you've enjoyed these colorful patterns and fabrics, if you're looking to add similar patterns to your digital designs check out these awesome products from Creative Market:

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Seamless: Millions of Wallpapers in Your Pocket

Seamless: Millions of Wallpapers in Your Pocket

We sure do love it when people do cool things using the COLOURlovers API. The latest awesome creation to hit your iDevice is an app called Seamless.

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This delightful new app uses the Creative Commons wallpapers from the COLOURlovers community, giving you access to over 3 million wallpapers, right in your pocket. They've been adapted specifically for your device and presented beautifully within a delicate and detailed design. Just take a look at the lovely UI:

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Colorful Turn of the Century Japanese Designs

Colorful Turn of the Century Japanese Designs

I know what you're probably wondering...turn of what century? Well these particular designs come from a magazine published in 1901 and 1902 called Shin-bijutsukai.

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This magazine was a monthly publication featuring "various designs by the famous artists of to-day," and as you can see, the pages are filled with wonderful colors and trippy patterns. I don't know about you, but after looking at all of the nature elements in these designs, I feel like going for a jaunt in the park.


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Festive & Fun Holiday Patterns

Festive & Fun Holiday Patterns

As we ease into the holiday weekend, it's starting to feel more festive than ever. Around this time, some people like to drive around and look at Christmas decorations. Internet nerds like myself like to browse around and see what awesome things people are creating online.

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When it comes to holiday patterns, there's lots of goodies to be found. Patterns are especially fun because you can use them as wallpapers or backgrounds or, heck, even as your own gift wrap. Some of these are just great inspiration, others are great foundations for your own designs, and all are sure to put you in the holiday spirit.

Agente Xmas Pattern by Vladimir Gorz & Xmas Pattern by Greg Christman


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12 Cute & Colorful Design Creations

12 Cute & Colorful Design Creations

It's only been a couple weeks since we opened the doors at Creative Market and we couldn't be more excited at the amount of amazing design content coming in from our sellers every day. We're so proud of the hard work people have been putting in to their shops and the sheer variety of goods they're producing.

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Given our affinity for all things color, it's no surprise that quite a few colorful creations have caught our eye. From vectors to branding kits to patterns and more, here's just a small selection of the colorful design goods to be found in the marketplace.

Milkman Family by Haäfe & Haph


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Colorful Modern Art by Andy Gilmore

Colorful Modern Art by Andy Gilmore

I posted one of Andy Gilmore's pieces on the COLOURlovers Facebook page a few weeks back. While digging deeper into the site, I found myself in awe over every single piece. I don't have enough space to feature them all on this blog post, but I would highly recommend checking out his entire collection of work if you are as impressed as I am by this small feature.

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Creating magazine covers is nothing new for Andy. He shows plenty of them in his body of work. I do however remember this Wired issue which I thought was great when I saw this. Opposite of Wired is the cover he created for the New York Times Key Magazine.

Here are a series of excellent pieces using bright colors and some very modern shapes.


Source for all images: Andy Gilmore

What do you think of this art? Would you use these patterns on something fun such as your iPhone case or throw pillows? Let us know what you think.

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A Collection of Colorful Goods For Your Kitchen

A Collection of Colorful Goods For Your Kitchen

Uniting all dish towel lovers for this post. If you're not a fan of awesome dish towels, it will suffice if you are a fan of really cool patterns printed on textiles. If you haven't checked out the online shop Leif, make sure to do so. They have some incredibly unique and really cool stuff on their website from decor accessories, paper, candles, and much more.

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I found a fun collection of items that are sure to spruce up any kitchen quite fast. The paint chip placemat is a perfect addition to any table. And, it comes in different colors, so you can mix and match or just play it safe with one color all around.

Leif definitely covered all the popular patterns of the moment in their textiles section of this online shop. Houndstooth is becoming an increasingly popular option, and I think this design and color palette would surely brighten up any room, don't you?

Cityscapes! Talk about a different take on a cityscape. Great addition to my tea towel collection.

I love the bright colors in this lattice design. This might just be my favorite, if there was a way I could choose a favorite.



And just for fun, I love their take on bottles that we have all the time in our home anyway. These vases were created from dish detergent and yogurt bottles. Awesome.


Which pattern your favorite? And do you love these vases? Now it is your turn, create some fun palettes from these cool dish towels.

Comment to let us know your thoughts and make sure you pin your faves!


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