Amazing Tattoo Ideas For Women

Latest, tattoos have been a common trend for both men and women. Different tattoo ideas can be derived from different special meanings to the bearers and the level of creativity for both the artist and the person. All tattoos can be done by both men and women, but some are most common among women.

heart tattoo

Making a decision on the kind of tattoo you want to get can be tough and takes time. A tattoo is an art you get to have on a certain part of your body for most of your life, and for this reason you have to be selective about the tattoo you decide to get. Here are some common tattoo ideas for women that you can get inspiration from.

  • Sun Tattoo

Sun tattoos are used to represent the hope of light in someone’s life. They are also used to symbolize the truth.

Some other people consider getting a sun tattoo for the purpose of appreciating the beauty of life. For women who love and appreciate beauty as part of their lives, sun tattoos are just like jewelry used to bring more beauty to themselves.

There are so many ways to design sun tattoo ideas, and they can also bear so many meanings for different people.  As the person getting the sun tattoo, you can decide on the color of ink you want to be used for your tattoo and the kind of highlighting you prefer.

  • Animal Tattoos

This kind of tattoo gives you the opportunity to print your favorite pet or animal on your body. Different animals bear different meanings in specific regions. The meaning of an animal tattoo can also be known to the wearer only.

In most cases, animal tattoos are not linked to specific genders. However, most women prefer to wear tiny animal tattoos, while men prefer huge animals such as lions as symbols of masculinity.

In some cases, animal tattoo ideas are used to pass some message about the character associated with the specific animal or display certain emotions.

leaves tattoo

  • Quoted Text Tattoos

These are the kind of tattoos that bear words inked on the skin.  They are currently a popular trend and are appreciated for how versatile they can be.

These words usually bear personal meaning to the wearer that does not have to make sense to other people. Most people like inking their favorite quotes or names of people they love. Some people ink the names of their loved ones who passed away, and they want to feel closer to them by getting a tattoo of their names.

People get the opportunity to choose the font size they want for the words and also the kind of ink they want to be used. Quoted tattoos can be worn on any body part of your choice.

  • Butterfly Tattoos

This is one of the favorite tattoo ideas for many women. Butterflies are appreciated for their beauty and are also used to symbolize certain changes in the wearer’s life. Butterflies can also be used as a symbol of love, change of character, and motivation toward life.

  • Anime Tattoos

Anime is a form of cartoon genre that is loved by mostly women and children. It is not a very common tattoo idea, but it is a very beautiful piece of art when inked on the body.

Women choose to ink anime characters from their favorite shows to appreciate their love for the character. You can also ink a random anime according to the skills of your tattoo artist.t

The kind of anime you ink can be used to represent your personality. The art does not have to be very realistic as two-dimension looks better on the body.

flower tattoo

  • A Clock Tattoo

A clock women tattoo is normally used to represent the balance between life and death. This tattoo idea can be blended with other kinds of art, such as flowers, to bear different meanings. Some people ink a clock and a skull to honor the dead, while others ink a clock and flowers to honor the living.

  • Crown Tattoo

This is a common tattoo idea for women who love their independence.  Crowns are also the perfect tattoo ideas for women who love thinking of royalty, or they are actually one.

Author: JanusGP