Lovely Imperfections

Lovely Imperfections

Lucía Otero is a graphic designer, music lover, and bon vivant (aka a person who likes going to parties. I had to look that one up). Her fabulous designs include paisley patterns, to ink splatters, and subtle smoke graphics. She has a great collection of visually stunning designs.

Subtle Smoke Vectors

These beautiful smoky backgrounds add that subtle hint of design to your background.

More is More Texture

This textured background is perfect to give your project a grungy look to it.

Lovely Imperfections

This set of lovely imperfections include a set of 15 background textures. They can give any project a vintage yet trendy look. You'll find film ends, light leaks, scratches, noise, grain and all sorts of analog film related effects in them.

Ink Splatters

These ink splatters offer a soft gradient texture.

Plant and Animal Patterns

I love these plant and animal patterns. What a great collection of unique backgrounds!

Tartan Patterns

This refreshing set of patterns have been described as 'visually intoxicating' and I couldn't agree more. They are a great addition to any collection.

Foliage Patterns

This set of foliage patterns offers both vibrant and subtle colors to your collection.

Paisley Patterns

Paisley patterns offers a feminine touch to your project. These designs are absolutely beautiful.


We hope you've found some inspiration here and are ready to add some awesomeness to your projects. I personally love the paisley patterns. Which one is your favorite?

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Those Lovely Imperfections textures are awesome!
Amazing!! *-*

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