Interior Design Trends: Black, Gray and White

You could say that I am on a bit of a gray and black kick. This could possibly be influenced by the weather we have been having, but as of  right now I love gray and black and honestly I can not get enough of it. A trio of color that are on my radar as of now are black, gray and white. There have  been a good amount of homes that have been featured online with this trio and they were all done tastefully. The color added such a sophisticated feel. So, taking from that inspiration, here are some black, gray and white accessories that I have  selected.

pendant · vases · pillow · tumbler · octopus · throws

room 1, 2

black_white black_white_gray

Black_White Death_Flowers

Sparks_in_the_Dark Barcode_618

Author: Olan
Olan provides design consultations and is a proud mother of three who effectively manages both family and business life. She graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree in interior design and truly loves what she does, her remarkable work ethic and dedication are a clear indication of that.