Ultra-Chromatic Photography

More than just technicolor, this stuff is atomic. It’s so exuberant and fresh, I can barely contain myself!

While I haven’t managed to sell this photo styling to a client so far, I think it has a variety of uses. Such brilliantly color photos can show energy, drama, sophistication, a science/tech-y feel, or even if used with a lot of white, a corporate feel. Not to mention the techniques and manipulation behind achieving such intense color requires an expert hand in Photoshop.

Cooler still, the above portraits are snapped with a specially-built 1970s Polaroid aura camera, as an attempt to record what a psychic might see. Yep, these came from a Polaroid. Still skeptical? There’s a ton more images, rationale, and information on The Portrait Machine Project site.

Images via Today and Tomorrow, Matthias Heiderich, Etienne Despois, and Jordan Sach.

Author: PitchDesign
Margot Harrington is a graphic designer, art junkie, and all-around collaborator captivated by all forms of making and doing. Her friends include oldstyle numerals, antique books and dusty suitcases, bike rides and old wacky electronics. When not designing, she does odd jobs and documents art & design on the internet at www.pitchdesignunion.com