Creative and Colorful Crafts for Easter

Whether you think of Easter as a time to dye eggs, bust out your pastel dresses or go hunting for candy, it can prove to be a really creative holiday. If all those lovely colors get you in a crafty mood, you can certainly find many ideas to create your own Easter project, or ask friends and family to help you and make something in the spirit of the the season together.

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Naturally we all think of dying eggs at Easter, but you don’t have to be stuck using the same old Paas kit that your mom brought home every year. Why not try handpainting your eggs, or even better, dying them naturally? This handy guide will actually take you through the process of making your own dyes using beets, tumeric, cabbage and more. Also, don’t miss the method of dying with onion skins — it yields a truly beautiful result!2761930136_c7c64196f2_o

Don’t assume just because you’ve eaten your beautifully colored eggs that the shells are useless … you can use them to make a simple yet aesthetically pleasing creation. Eggshell candles take about an hour to create (guide here) and require only simple supplies such as twine, toothpicks and plain tealight candles.


Perhaps you aren’t quite as gung ho about the holiday as to don your baby blue dress and egg earrings, and that’s perfectly fine. Just a touch of the colors certainly works, and if you happen to be handy with a pair of knitting needles, something like these Summer Scarflets could be an easy project and add a lovely little accent to your outfit for the day.

Turquoise egg
Liz Smith

Want an Easter project that’s a little more challenging? Perhaps you should try the Polymer Clay Easter egg, as perfected by artist Liz Smith. This is more of an adult project and requires you to visit the craft store for supplies such as a pasta machine, but should you want to give it a shot, you can learn how right here.

Diane Gilleland

You could go to the store and pick up one of those cheap, brightly colored baskets, sure. Or, if you’d like something with a little more flair, you can fold some paper and make this. As easy as a school craft project (but infinitely more classy!), making your own basket is as simple as using a ruler and the right paper choices to create something that the people you gift to will not want to throw away once the holiday is over. You can follow the instructions here to learn to make your own.

What will you be creating to celebrate Easter this year?

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