80 Pet Inspired Color Palettes

Inspiration from the COLOURlovers’ group We Love Furry Friends, “based on little furry, fuzzy, scaly, bald or whatever friends… you know our pets.”

This group isn’t the only one who adores the color of their pets. There is a group of people who love their pet’s color so much they weave sweaters from their hair. You can see those amusing photos by Erwan Fichou below.

bentley i_love_my_puppy

Misu pitbull+_tennisball

my_cat_made_this richard_kitty

Parrot Giant_Squid

good_dog Corgi_Fur

Dusty_Chin Rottie_in_the_water

Rottweiler JapaneseGreenPigeon

halcyon cocktease_monkey

Alien_Pigeon_Crap! Kissing_Mr_Friday

rabbits_in_my_garden baby_ducklings

chubby_bear For_Joey

redtail leopard_gecko

Harmony_with-out The_Black_Sheep

Red_Fox Penguins_Rule!

sleepy_pit_bull meeooowww....

DogFindsTennisSexy Lady_and_the_Tramp

happy_dream! mreowr

so_tired! confused

Alonissos poo_poo_song

Soft_Puppy Flying_Cat

Sasha_Kitty Himpanzee

Puppy_time Funky_Monkey

Fat_Cat_Blubber Nº7

Cup_of_Puppie tounel

Jungle_Cats Army_Dog!!

Jezzebelle peacock.

Tiger_Puppycat chocolate_mouse

humbled_by_a_spider Glam_Cat

Relaxing Yasu-I_want_a_donkey

Speedo...the_Cat Adopt-a-bull

Tweety_My_Sweety black_squirrel_hump

Bully_me magical_dog_farts

lickin_and_clickin Mi_Gatos

goldfinch dont_monkey_around

Best_in_Show Cratty_Cat

pig_zombiebitch_lips BodyHeat_Doggystyle

The_bird_is_insane monochrome_crocodile

bobcat_nap my__kitty

Monkey_SEE_Monkey_DO rabbit,_rabbit

Bro(gue)mance Why_so_close

‘Dogwool’ by Erwan Fichou


Author: evad
David Sommers has been loving color as COLOURlovers' Blog Editor-in-Chief for the past two years. When he's not neck deep in a rainbow he's loving other things with The Post Family (http://thepostfamily.com/), a Chicago-based art blog, artist collective & gallery.