WINNERS: Photo Color Inspiration Contest

You all are just way to talented! Choosing 3 winners from the 1,500 entries was an incredibly difficult task. It actually took more than a few hours to look at all the entries. (You can view all the contest entries here: Photo Color Inspiration with LuckyOliver) So many were creative, interesting and works of art themselves… but in the end we only have enough prizes for 3 winners and here they are:

Paris Underground

1st Prize

8GB iPod Touch or $300 via US check or PayPal
50 LuckyOliver tokens


2nd Prize

iPod Shuffle or $79 via US check or PayPal
50 LuckyOliver tokens

Double Dahlia

3rd Prize

iTunes Gift Card or $25 via US check or PayPal
25 LuckyOliver tokens

Honorable Entries

Getting 3 from 1,500 was nearly impossible. Along the way we kept trimming the list of palettes we loved down to a smaller number and the palettes below stayed with us for most of the way. Even though they didn’t win, we wanted to share a little extra love with these palettes.

The moose is back
LuckyOliver: Fuzzy Red Oak Leaves ~ New Spring Growth

Abstract Love
LuckyOliver: Abstract painted pink and orange background

LuckyOliver: Yellow Lichen

Beach Evening
LuckyOliver: summer evening

LuckyOliver: Chinese Teaset

spirit house
LuckyOliver: Spirit house in Thailand - travel and tourism.

Vintage Vintage
LuckyOliver: Woman sitting at table.

Three Sorbets
LuckyOliver: A Sorbet Dessert with Melons DSC01672.jpg

Good Morning, World.

Vintage Store
LuckyOliver: Vintage Clothing Store

Maple's dance
LuckyOliver: Red maple-leaf on the bark

Laundry by Design
LuckyOliver: Commercial driers

snow & ember
LuckyOliver: winter river scenery

Heavenly Division
LuckyOliver: Foggy evening and sunset

LuckyOliver: tulips in interior

Embers in the Mist
LuckyOliver: Misty Autumn

LuckyOliver: Fontanka2

Wool Is Cool
LuckyOliver: Wool 12

LuckyOliver: Springtime Peony Bouquet

LuckyOliver: Influenza Virus Group

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