Color = Emotion

Often we are unaware of the power of color, it’s so common we have become desensitized on a conscious level to it. While I was watching ‘Natural Born Killers’ tonight, it brought home to me how color is really powerful in creating, enhancing and influencing emotions. Many films use color as a cinematic effect, this film though does it in what I personally think is about the peak of color and emotion art.

I’ve always loved black and white when it’s used with one color to create impact. I think it’s the photographer in me, might just be the designer. Color is all around us and it often takes it being placed out of context to bang home with real power. I recall somewhere there being a study in food that was colored various ‘unnatural’ colors. This of course, produced the result that even the most tasty food was seen as disgusting…

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Author: COLOURlover
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