Eclectic Color Roundup: 'Colander' & 'Time As Color' iPhone Apps, Pink Terror Slowmo Video

Eclectic Color Roundup: 'Colander' & 'Time As Color' iPhone Apps, Pink Terror Slowmo Video

Mobile Applications

Colorendar: iPhone Calendar

brinimal APPiTunes AppStore

Developed by Mitsuhiro Sugimori (brinimal APP), colorendar allows you to add customized (RGB color tool) color tags to represent each day's mood or events. More than a calendar, the app then monitors your color use and graphs the results along with that month's moon cycle. Simple and beautiful, colendar offers a unique view into our colorful lives.



Time As Color | Time As Place

Christopher Otto | Blog

Time As Color presents the time of the day as additive color, with red set to the hour, green to the minute, and blue to the second. The translation between the different scales of measurement (24,60,60 for time, 255,255,255 for color) produces a range of tones ranging from deep blacks to forest greens, typically starting very dark every minute and getting more blue as the seconds tick by.


In Time As Place, the coordinates of a satellite image are selected by setting the latitude to the hour, and the longitude to the minute.



Pink Terror

by Mike Barzman & Christian Swegalan

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please make this app for android also

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