Earth Day

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, everyone.

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If the weather here is any sign of how this day is going to be, 'beautiful' is an inadequate summary. Each year, I commemorate this day by hiking for its entirety, and usually dragging some unwilling-to-go-as-far friend with me. So, before I do that, I just wanted to extend my wishes, and hope that everyone does something today ... and any day possible after.

Do you do anything special for Earth Day? If you can't get outside, what colours do you love that occur naturally? Do you have any memories based around this day?

And don't forget to share!

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i did this one yesterday. it was a gorgeous day to be outside, too.

Earth Day Palette
i'm going to plant seeds.
That's a really neat one. I'm going to a cliff top near by to stare down at the vallies here.
Those are really neat tips, Darius. Thanks for sharing them.

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