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Betabrand Sock Contest Winners

Betabrand Sock Contest Winners

Hello again! Today is the exciting day that we get to announce the winners of the Betabrand Argyle Sock Design Contest!

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First of all, we want to thank Betabrand for allowing COLOURlovers to design the next product on their website. As I am sure you know by now, Betabrand has some pretty awesome clothes to choose from. The question to yourself won't be whether to buy, but instead, which color or pattern should you pick.

As you know, Betabrand chose 9 finalists and for the past week we have left it up to you guys to vote for your favorite design. Now comes the time when we announce  which designs had the most votes. First, let's refresh you all on the prizes for the winners:

The Prizes:

The Betabrand design team will select three winners, who'll receive the following:

  • $100 Gift Card to Betabrand
  • Recognition on the Betabrand website (photos/video/optional) & COLOURlover username printed on the sock packaging
  • Five Three Packs of the COLOURlover socks bundles for free

So now, let's get down to business and announce the brand new COLOURlovers sock collection!

Congrats to Magg, Michaelann3, Faith4faith! Thanks to everyone who entered and voted in this contest. We hope to have Betabrand here again soon as you COLOURlovers can help them create something else just as awesome!

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Congratulations, Kristen, Michael, and Mag!! :D

WOW!! Thank you! I can't believe it! The entries were all so fabulous! Thanks to everyone who voted and Betabrand!! :D
B'aww, congrats everyone!! n__n
Congratulations to the winners!!!! Yayyyy colour family! :D
A Great Big Congratulations to all the winners! Your entries were fabulous!! :))
Congratulations! :)
Congratulations everyone!

People did a really good job this contest. There were awesome entries.

Yey for the ones I liked getting votes~
Congratulations ColourWinners!
I will definitely be buying these socks and be wearing them all over town!
Congratulations to all the winners! :)
Congrats to the winners! And happy warm feet to everyone everywhere.
Way to rockem sockem winners! Congrats :)
Congratulations to the winners. Well deserved.
YAY!!! Two of my faves won! Congrats!
Yay, awesome new socks just in time for winter! Congratulations everyone, there's gonna be some funky feet out on the street:)
Congratulations everyone! I wish you all good luck. :D
Congratulations winners.Great sox.Happy feet))
Congratulations guys xx
Congratulations all winners!
Congratulations Winners!
Congrats to the winners! Think of all the feet that will be in your patterns! :)
Congratulations! Beautiful socks made by beautiful people))
Soo excited about wearing them!!
Congratulations :)
Congratulations Winners! *-*
Congratulations! ^@^
Congratulations to all three of you! These are all lovely socks!
Great job! Congrats!
Well done!!

Best of luck.
Congrats to all of you! :D
Good job everyone, and congratulations to the three winners!

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