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HELP. I need wedding Colours advice!

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Hi there, I am new here and just learning how to get around. I have a few questions regarding my wedding colours.

My fiance and I have chosen Tolkien's Legendarium as our theme (sorta like LOTR but focused on the early days of the universe, when Middle-earth was created) and we chose blue, green and silver as our colours. Very elvenish colours.

I have always had a fascination with sapphires and my engagement ring has them instead of diamonds (which I don't like).

As a funny note, my fiance likes fall colors so it's been hard to find a green he likes that doesn't clash with my blue!

For the geeks here, I am thinking of either Varda or Lúthien Tinúviel, both of which have long black hair like mine and are always represented wearing blue. Varda is the Queen of Star and it was she who created all the stars in Tolkien's universe.

My fiance has beautiful green eyes and I am thinking he'll look very handsome (more than he is already) in a green robe.

While I had a very clear idea of what kind of blue I wanted, I didn't know which green would go better with it. So I signed up for this site and started to play with colours. This is what I came up with at first:


Then my seamstress and I went over the silk colours. I had no problem finding my beautiful blue and silver, but again, finding the green was a lot harder. The fiance is mostly attracted to yellow greens while we needed blue ones.

Finally, he settled for one green, but the silver of my robe doesn't go well with his green. There is a beautiful silver that goes with his green. But that meas having two different silvers. One has blue undertones and the other one has green undertones.

Would that be a big no no?

This are the colours as close as I could get them. The silks are... um... what's the best way to describe them? Shiny?


Do you think having two different silvers will look bad? The idea is that my robe will be blue with a silver belt and my fiance's will be silver with a green belt
What about these colors?
Oh! they're beautiful! I like Bridal Belt better but they're both really nice!

Thank you so much :)

Do you think it will look ugly if we wear different kinds of silver?

Seahorse Girl wrote:
What about these colors?
Oh, I didn't occur to me that I could post pictures of the silks... Duh! These are the colours we have tentatively chosen but we haven't bought the fabrics yet.

My blue (for the robe): It is called Flagstone

My silver (for the belt): It is called Titanium

Fiance's Silver (for his robe): Called Misty Mountain

Fiance's Green (for his belt): Called Frosted Pine

I wanted to get just one silver. Or rather, a green that would go well with mine but the fiancé didn't like any of the greens we show that had blue undertones. After looking through many greens, he finally settle for the Frosted Pine one and really it looks a lot better with the Misty Mountain silver (named after the LOTR, go figure)

What do you think? Maybe I should look for a different blue?
Hey there.

Congrats on getting married!

As for the colours... It's difficult to judge a fabric from a monitor, as it will never look exactly the same but while I like the green/blue/silver colour set, the fabrics here (as they show up on my monitor) I wouldn't pick.
The two silvers seem to come from different families, and the whole idea of a wedding is that you become one family, right? Your silver is cold, while that of your almost-husband is warm. The green and blue also don't seem to go together that well IMO.

As someone who has done events and styling in the past, might I warn you for the design of your outfits? It sounds like you're gonna be hella-blue and your bloke hella-green. Might it be too much and too big of a contrast too look nice next to each other?

I am not saying you should ditch the colours, but I think I'd rather have the pop in the details rather than the main fabric. With such vibrant colours you may also wish to rethink the silver and opt for a more muted grey. It sounds dull, especially for a wedding, but play with it. Put some fabrics next to each other, try something else than silk as well, you may just be surprised.

You may also want to look at the venue if you haven't yet. Are there very prominent colours there which you will undoubtedly have show up in pictures? Make sure you don't clash...

Quickly checked my palettes, here are some that are not exact matches, but y'know, just posting it for inspiration.

Hope this helps!






Holy smokes, I didn't realize the picture was going to appear SO big...
Heh! I am laughing at the image of myself as a christmas ornament! But I do see your point about everything being shiny. I'll have to think about that for a while.

Summers in Ottawa can be quite hot! Today, for example it is 93. But the day of the solstice is not too bad. Plus I am counting on it being a lot cooler in the forest that it'll be in the city. However, I am planning for hot weather just in case :)

I have a wonderful seamstress who is a cosplayer herself and has a lot of experience with medieval and renaissance fashion. She suggested dupioni silk as the best option money and pretty-wise, but I am certainly open to other fabrics and so is she.

I think you are absolutely right, the fiance will have to adjust. When we were looking at colours and I was getting frustrated because he didn't like the ones I showed him based on our seamstress recommendations, he did say to just tell him which colour he should wear. And he'll do and he'll be happy. But I just thought I'd give it a chance and try to find something that was his choice but still worked for me. I'll just go ahead and order the swatches. Once he sees how good everything looks together, he'll be happy to oblige :)

And yes, Alley Cat Scratch Costume has been quite useful. It was one of the first websites I came across when I first started researching for our outfits a few moths back (I didn't know of this wonderful site yet). I got some excellent idea and advice from there.

Again, thanks a tonne for your input. Much appreciated
No idea if 93 is hot, I'm a Celsius dude.

Anyway, one day in a far far future you'll be snuggling together on the couch looking through old pictures and remember how fabulous the both of you looked on your wedding day.

I'm sure it's gonna be awesome, enjoy both your wedding and marriage!
Glad I could be of a little help.

(As for the colour palette being your city, coincidence I guess, it's part of Chroma City, a small project in which I colour-mapped 100 capitals from around the world.)
Ha! Really? And went through the trouble of finding the equivalent temperature in Fahrenheit thinking that's what you were familiar with cause I am a Celsius girl. Too funny. It can get easily up to 40 in July and August. Yesterday and today we were under a heat advisory, actually.

Thanks again! :)
I was having so much fun here on CL that I forgotten my upcoming wedding was the reason that brought me here in the first place.

So, today, inspired by Seahorse Girl's palettes,


I came up with this:

I am pretty sure that is the blue I want. Now I just want to find a green and a silver that go well with it. The only difference in the following palette is the green.

Any thoughts? Yay? Nay?
wow, Seahorse Girl's palettes really are gorgeous. If I were having a fall wedding or a winter wedding, I'd absolutely go with Bridal Belt.
So, your are still considering options and you have the time do so for a bit longer?
Many color programs will let you import a photo, click your mouse, and they will kick back the percentage of color and digital codes for the pixels. Free and cheaper ones will only allow you to see so many. Mine is adjustable. I have mentioned it before, and I don't mean to hype it, but Color Impact is what I still use, all the time, in retirement to help family, friends and former clients stuck now. I think you can still try it full-featured for a time. It is only $30-40 for a license though.

Nice thing about things like fully configured Color Impact, or its competitors, is once you have colors abstracted, from say the New Zealand landscape where at least the background you want to emulate came from, you can be absolutely be near abusive in exploring them. You can build custom color wheels with a mouseclick. And of course explore palettes. Once you find one you like you can massage the values (lighter darker) of the colors you like. The blender will let you adjust the increments around both sides of the color wheel you built or let you see the line from one color to the next directly. You can even adjust color noise. Handy if you are looking for cool looking napkin color for your tables, or flowers that fit a color scheme.

One thing brides seem to experience these days is disappointment when having gone through what you are going through, they cannot find fabrics in the right color? People forget that places like Spoonflower are just spitting process color fabric dye. Their machines don't care if they print patterns or solid color on fabric.It is all CMYK to them. Just like your home inkjet but probably better tweaked for color accuracy.

I think Spoonflower, and others like it, only offer to print one side of fabric though. I have heard there are "perfecting" (carry over from the printing industry meaning a printing press could print both sides at the same time) machines in design centers around the World.

I am absolutely clueless about most fabric and thread stuff, save or how color gets in and those optioins. I had a person on staff that dealt with our clients into such stuff.
i hope you post a wedding picture on this thread!
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