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Your Absolute Perfect Wedding

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What is your ideal, completely perfect wedding? Where would it be located? What would be the theme? What would be the color scheme?
Always wanted a Christmas wedding, sometime in December. I would have it in NY where I grew up with all of my friends and family. I want poinsettias everywhere. The girls will wear deep red dresses. Boys red tux shirts to match instead of traditional white. Also want faux snow to be part of the theme as well.
I'm not into romance and having a family is unthinkable for me (MUCH LESS A BABY *horrified face*), but I would definitely have a lot of fun picking out designer dresses. Marchesa makes some absolutely rainbow inducing gorgeousness, but my true love are those ever so soft and beautiful feminine gowns from Valentino. Screw it if it's not white.

And knowing me, I think I would turn that thing into a fashion shoot, with me behind the camera directing the shots instead. ahhah
I have always dreamed of an elegant wedding where I would be the princess of the day, but lately I have been absolutely in love with the idea of having a bible-time themed wedding. It would certainly be unusual and unique! Since I haven't found Mr. Right yet, I can dream and plan this amazing wedding in my head and if someday my wonderful groom says "no way" to traveling back in time for a day, well then, being a modern day princess is pretty awesome, too. But since this is my fantasy, let me proceed with the, I'm sure, astounding details of my plot.

Cobalt blue details for the men, light blue for the ladies
Soft, warm gold accents
Ivory linen


I would prefer a Spring wedding, but a summer one would be okay. Spring flowers would be purple irises, light blue irises, and table centerpieces of little pots of pansies (purple, white, blue) and of star of bethelehem campanula, which would also double as favors. Summer flowers would be light blue hydrangeas (which I LOVE), maybe roses, and maybe candied violets on desserts. Either would have whispy baby's breath and white carnations incorporated.

My wedding dress would be embroidered linen, with light blue, white, and gold threads. It would be in the style closest to what an ancient Israelite would have worn, which I deduce to be similar to the following (from palestinianheritage.org)

I would wear a veil and a crown or wreath of flowers. During the time of Yeshua/Jesus, wedding crowns for male and female were woven of myrtle, olive branches, and roses.

The groom and groomsmen would wear tunics embroidered with cobalt blue. Perhaps he would wear a tallit or prayer shawl. We would meet under a chuppah.

The bridesmaids would carry little oil lamps, like the 5 wise virgins in Scripture. The following are reproductions of ancient ones.

The ring bearer would bring the rings in a little treasure chest.

Ideally, we could have a tent-like atmosphere at the reception with colorful floor pillows around, and perhaps psalm/ King David-eque harp music playing or other middle eastern sounding music. We would eat flat bread, hummus, olives, grapes, lamb, and other foods with a bible/ middle eastern flare. I would love instead of a traditional wedding cake, to have mini honey cheese cakes decorated with blueberries on top- not really biblical, but matches the color scheme!

We would celebrate with Israeli circle dancing! Men would blow shofars!

However, I do not require a camel ride LOL.

Bit better view of these


And also the last picture in the above post is from http://www.mywedding.com/hugoandmichellehernandez/gallery_18837_2.html
It's really up to bride and groom.
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