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Wedding Color HELP! :)

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Hi, I have always known that I want to include my favorite color, green in my wedding colors. Originally I was thinking pewter, white, and green (more of a leafy natural green). But then I found out our venue only has gold chairs for the dining area. Would it look good to have a mix of grays, gold-yellow, white, and green? I picture lots of ambient candle light, white and green flowers, perhaps even some blush or gray flowers. Do you think that it will be enough color? I get this feeling like I need more color, maybe purple (we're getting married at a winery), but I don't want to take away from the green. I would say my wedding style is romantic, classy, and all about beautiful comfy sophistication. Does that even make sense? Any advice would be much appreciated!! :)
I created a palette that should help you visualize it a little more.

Here is a description that should help. I love the palette and think that the natural and organic tones of green would fit perfectly with the accents of gold.

The greens would be accounted for in the florals with florals such as succulents. White peonies, and some billyballs create a wonderful floral palette. Adding gold accents in the chairs, vases or chargers along with candlelight will create a romantic atmosphere.

From there details such as the cake, stationary, bridesmaids, groomsman, etc. could have green bouquets, gray dresses, and maybe a touch of blush pink to complete it.

I'm no wedding expert at all, but I imagined something along these lines. I thought since you really liked green, which is also one of my favorite colors, I would incorporate two shades, kind of a light chartreuse, and almost a robin eggs blue. I wasn't sure what color gold the seats were, so I went for a lighter one, but either way I recommend leaving gold as an accent color rather than a main one. I picked white purely for a traditional wedding atmosphere, and I tried to mix your liking towards blush and pewter gray with a warm airy gray to warm up the entire palette that you could match the pink blooms to.
Love white and blue.
It might be nice and a little different to use a plum, or wine red since you'll be at a winery. Both colors look nice with greens, and are I think they make a sophisticated combination. Something like the following palette, maybe?

It would help to have examples of the green you are thinking of and the gold that will be there. I would avoid adding grey to the mix. Here is a palette to consider:

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