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Wedding Dress Code: Black Tie or White Tie?

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I think the tie should be the colour that is connected to the bride in some way. If she has pastel pink flowers then the groom would look great with a tie in the same colour etc.
I'd say the Bride should tie in with the Groom and the Groomsmen tie in with the Bridesmaids!
White Tie - nothing else!
White tie is so sleek! but the idea of adding a color from the wedding palette sounds great as well.
I like the more traditional look at a wedding dance.
Black, for sure. White can appear a tad on the cheesy side.
"I'd say the Bride should tie in with the Groom and the Groomsmen tie in with the Bridesmaids!"

The tie's color should in some way represent their union. If the choice must be limited to B+W, black is the safe bet. Other colors spice things up nicely.
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