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Wedding Color Couples

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I created a group for this, but I'm curious about how other couples chose their colors... Do you start with one color to represent each of you?

Kaili and I definitely have our own two colors and will be carrying the purple & green theme throughout the wedding theme

I like that you both chose your own two colors, I'm interested to see how they turn out in the actual design of your wedding day. I would normally suggest choosing a smaller palette of three colors, but this is almost a two color palette. It works! :) Do you have an inspiration piece or an Inspiration Board to go with it?
It's a bit of a challenge pairing it down to 3 colors when you love color so much!
Our favorite season is winter but being that our wedding was days before Christmas, we didn't want our wedding to look "christmassy", so we went with the colors that nature gives us on the really short days of winter in the arctic. We get these amazing sunsets sometimes that are peach and pink and reflect off the snow...

Red is fabulous. We are having a Tim Burton inspired wedding so Black was also a must, we threw in some tiny splasings of white for the contrast..... It's looking pretty hot!
We haven't had our formal wedding (yet) but we are planning! I have changed my mind several times about color schemes but I always come back to deep red, chocolate brown, and cream/champagne. These colors are elegant and reminiscent of Autumn which is when I met my husband.
The bride's maid's dresses will be a rich brown silk accented with a red sash and cream-colored dahlias. As for my dress, it will be cream silk accented with a brown sash. I think it will be a lovely wedding. ;)
I love the idea of creating a color for each half of a couple! I'm a wedding gown designer and I've had a few brides mention this idea - it is so brilliant! Right now I'm trying to come up with perfect colors for my new website, and visualizing my ideal 'couple' to represent with colors is making my head burst.
I think black and black sums up my couple or married life.
I think lilac and gold together are amazing >w<
I had gold and ivory.

Our wedding palette is both of our favorite colors (mine is green and his is blue), we just chose shades that complimented everything else we wanted, like an outdoor woodsy spring wedding, and paired it with some nice neutrals.
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Dappled_LightColor by COLOURlovers

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angel miri
angel miri
1 day ago
Just lost two patterns because the filter was tripped on the words 'shiny' and 'shine' which are not swear words so why?

The first pattern was a really good one as well so I'm upset that I lost it. On my brief visits back to the site this keeps happening. When good patterns or shades are a matter of luck as they so often are, and as I don't note down the exact hex code good colours and patterns are like quicksilver they are lost in an eyeblink

It's really unfair to lose good colours and patterns like this. And the filter trips on words that are perfectly innocent as well! Guess I'm leaving the site again
angel miri
angel miri
1 day ago
Because the swear filter doesn't like the words 'shine' or 'shint' which are not swear words when last I looked. The first pattern that had the word 'shine' in the title was a really good one as well and I'm seriously bummed that I lost it

IF you trip the swear filter you lose the pattern, this is really unfair! You hit the back button and it takes you back to the monochrome pattern page. This isn't the first time I've had this problem on my brief visits back to the site.

Guess I'm going to disappear again. We should not be losing good work like this. And why does the swear filter catch words that aren't even swears? Bizarre.
2 days ago
BleepColor by COLOURlovers
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