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Czy mówi ktoś z was po polsku?

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Jest tu jakiś Polak? Polka? :)
Ja C:
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Simply_DreadfulColor by COLOURlovers
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27 minutes ago
For both of you - if you have an adblocker on, I've noticed it often blocks the reCAPTCHA that is under the forums post box. If you're trying to post a comment, require completing a reCAPTCHA, and have the box for them blocked, you won't be able to post. You don't have to fill one out every single post, if I recall, so that might be the issue with having intermittent abilities. Otherwise, I'm not sure. Admins seem to be lacking on the site at the moment.

mrsque wrote:

Precipice wrote:
22 hours ago
Arising_SuspicionColor by COLOURlovers

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