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Color scheme for music site

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I'm creating a music website that holds chords, tablature and so on. It's kind of hard to get any inspiration from other similar sites as they look pretty bad... Just have a look at:

Yeah, you get it...

What kind of colors do you think fits with a site like this?
Do you know any similar sites that does not have a sucky design? :)

Go for your basic black and white, with an accent color thrown in for good measure.
It won't be hard making yours stand out. Recommending white and blues with some green or orange.
Beautiful idea.
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1 week ago
Since Aug 2018, I can longer upload or publish templates I create using Seamless Studio. In Seamless Studio, I'll create a template, and click on "Upload to Colourlovers," my browser opens a new tab to CL but it just goes to a blank Seamless Lite page, and I am not logged in on that page. This happens whether I am already signed in to CL or not.

When I used to "Upload to Colourlovers," a CL would open on the browser saying something like "we have your template but you need to sign in." I would sign in, and my template would be ready to publish.

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