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Spooky, Scary,.. Colors and 19 Halloween Patterns

Spooky, Scary,.. Colors and 19 Halloween Patterns

Happy Halloween! We hope this year's Halloween is a colorful one.

To make it a colorful Halloween here on COLOURlovers post your Halloween inspired patterns and palettes in the comments.

Halloween Patterns

halloween_hookups Blood_Sucking_Fiend!
Furious_Neighbour böser_Geist

Hangover! we_are_celebrating!
Carnival_Ride All_is_Well

!BOO Doom_Well
Tangled_Web SpidersDanceToCumbia

Rainy_Night all_hallows_eve
Moonscape Helloween

LaCalavera Zombie_Party
LaCalaveraDeTrixxie Lovin_Skelletons

FallFest My_Rx_is_Friends
trick_or_treat Halloween

Treats_Tricks Pumpkin_Corpse_RC95
Pumpkin_Grin harmless_plastic_bag

jalloween2 jalp
scared_by_humans! i_can_safely_say

flying_teeth PSTPST!
Hallo_Weenie sweet_fangs


Glow_Bones Trick-or-Treating
Grisaille_Bones Dead_and_Loving_It

Jack willo
SansSally almost...

Bloody_Fabergés Hellraiser
Stare carved_beads

Not_So_Scarey happy_halloween
Spooktacular scream*

fly_cc Creepy_crawlers
Im_Batty pumpkin_moon

boh!!!! can_u_believe_it
When_Witches_Wizz... A_Little_Witch!

All_In boo
BOO! Sour_Candy

Conconbre Splonkalicious_Stuff
carambola_2 Halloween

Trick-or-Treating AhHhh
Mr._Bojangles Boneyard_Boogie_RC90

The Absolutely Scariest Colors Imaginable

For most people, color is basic element of our daily lives that we use for comfort, inspiration, practicality, etc. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, phobias and irrational fears affect approximately 10% of adults. Some of those phobias relate to colors being the most terrifying thing imaginable... for those poor people, this color loving website would probably be hell-incarnate. Here are several color phobias and some of color associations with common and strange phobias.

Chromatophobia - The fear of colors.

Chromatophobia - The fear of colors.

Chromatophobia is an abnormal and persistent fear of colors. Like most fears and phobias, the fear of color is created by the subconscious mind as a protective reaction. It was likely an emotionally traumatic event in ones past that was linked to colors in general or a specific color. Because the association of colors to that traumatic event is so strong, when subjected to colors later in life the unconscious mind brings up terrible feelings. The phobia affects people in different ways, with some experiencing the suffering all the time and others just to direct stimuli.

Specific Color Phobias:

Fear of the Color Red
Fear of the Color Red
Fear of the Color Orange
Fear of the Color Orange
Fear of the Color Yellow
Fear of the Color Yellow
Fear of the Color Green
Fear of the Color Green
Fear of the Color Blue
Fear of the Color Blue
Fear of the Color Purple
Fear of the Color Purple
Fear of the Color White
Fear of the Color White
Fear of the Color Black
Fear of the Black

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Colorful Halloween Makeup

Halloween makeup Tutorials:
Make Monsters is great blog that starts with a classic monsters and shows you the steps necessary to recreate the job: makemonsters.blogspot.com. You can also find a whole slew of how-to videos on YouTube: Halloween Makeup

[!!!] Sweet Peas Photography [!!!]

Halloween_Twlight Halloween_Cupcakes
Hallows_Eve_Treats (_trick_r_treat_)
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Halloween Inspired Palettes

We know that black and orange are the most loved, known and used colors in-celebration ofHalloween, but what other colors make it into our Halloween inspired palettes?

Here is a look at some Halloween inspired palettes from the two COLOURlovers' groups: Spook-tacular Halloween!Scary Out There.

There are some inspired by El Día de los Muertos too.
The_Sun_Grows_Closer All_Hallos_Eve
Svadisthana_Chakra All_Hallows
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Halloween Colors & Symbolism

 Halloween jack-o-lantern

Probably the most well known symbol of Halloween is the carved pumpkin, or jack-o-lantern. The tradition of carving a lantern comes from the Irish who used potatoes and turnips, but was modified to use the pumpkin in the US where it was available.


good_witch ghosts_playing_golf

The_Good_Witch Shiny_Blood
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thank you! =)

There's also this amazing one by mcmp:
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PS: There's a group page for Halloween related creations - everybody is welcome to contribute! =)
wonderful! thank you for gathering these great creations in one place.
Wow! One of my patterns made it into the blog! That totally makes my day! Thank you!
Thank you Evad David! This was a fun article to browse. And fun to see a couple of my colored patterns within. That I consider a "TREAT"!! :D
There have been new pattern since this blog - I like this one:
great! love this one =)
these are so cool!
Great article, lots of cool stuff to look at and read about.
: )
Oooh, you used Moonscape! Yay! Great post btw :-)
Squee~! Thank you for using my patterns! :D
I loved the halloween patterns! Thanks for the post!
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