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Welcome Paisley Dude!
Thanks for the follow, and the love and faves. Much appreciated!
Her_Long_Pink_SkirtVector Patterns by COLOURlovers
Funky_Groovy_LadyVector Patterns by COLOURlovers
Thanks for the loves, David! :)
Thank you!
Thanks for everyone's luv's & fav's
Not having fun on here tonight.
System keeps hanging after clicking "create pattern"
Can't get much done that way.
Good Night.
Thanks for the love and pattern you made from this palette, David! :)
Thanks everyone for your Luv's & Fav's.
And for sharing your beautiful palettes which I always enjoy coloring with.
Good night All
Hi Sue,
Thanks for letting me know you're now 'Naturedesigns".
Otherwise I may not have made the connection to colorful88.
And as you under that ''username' we had several nice text exchanges.
Thanks again for the update.
Hope all is well.
Hi David. Some of those accounts were spam accounts and were deleted by the staff. We report them to Ana ( and she removes them from the site. As for the others, not sure, but weirdness happens! LOL
Thanks bunches, David! Come back soon. :)
Thank you.

paisleydude wrote:
Has anyone noticed a lot of people 'ghost' this site?
I'll see a new member on my 'followed' list and when I attempt to 'follow' them the msg "not available member has gone home" appears.
What's that 'ghosting' about?
I can understand people creating an account and not returning to it for long periods.
But why create an account and then almost immediately delete it?
It amazes me how many people 'troll' the internet just to play head games, aka, place themselves on one's follow or friend list and then quickly disappear.
Love & be good to yourselves my friends because this society is experiencing a syndrome of 'mass mental illness' as has never been seen before in history.

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