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Jr, thanks for your follow. I would have followed you anyway, even if you hadn't asked.
By the way, How to post an image in your profile:
You posted the image content, by copying the image and pasting it in, and that won't work. What you need is the image location. Many browsers have a feature that if you right click on an image, you have a choice to Copy Image Location. That is what you need, rather than copying the image. If your browser doesn't, then you need to look for View Image, until you find a page that only has the image on it. The URL for that page is the image location. For instance,
is the image location for this picture:

Once you find the location, copy the URL, and look for the green box in the middle of the menu of the post comment box. Click on that and paste the URL of your desired image into the popup window there. Copy the resulting code, and paste that into your profile maker, and you will have the image.
Hope that helps!
hey riley, NEVER EVER say fu** off!!!
its mean as crap
I have reported you and your comment.
catlover529 wrote:
Thank you so very much :-)

your welcome
catlover529 wrote:
Thank you so very much :-)

your welcome
Thank you very much for the compliments ^_^
Thank you so very much :-)
i like both of them

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