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♥ 400 LOVERS ♥

Here is a special gift for all of those who have given me love, I reached the amazing number of 400 lovers today and have made this pallet as a special gift for all hope you all enjoy.

Happy Easter 2008
Merry Christmas!
I love the new patterns tool! ;-)
Remember the wheels and the bumper and some details are chromed :). I like the idea of experimenting with some color...
Thanks for the love! :-) Seashells in Spring
Glad you like it! :):)
thank you!
...with a bit of sky
You own one? let me know you want a pink one? hehe, i received mine as a gift... to be honest i was dissapointed but then i was thankful it was not an average car but something special, we need to get in contact so we get some modifications on! :)
Let me check... 98' i get a LOT of compliments and i beep to other fellow drivers haha, my friend says i can do a lot of things to the car but ild like to leave the soul of the car as intact as possible unless Chip Foose put his hands on it :). Im only guilty of a good stereo system!, ehhh noooo im a guy so its not pink (thank God)!

My only thoughts have been changing the engine to a porsche one, that will be totally rad cause then i could have 2 porsches in the garage! but i think its expensive.
Hey thanks for the L-O-V-E; this might be a coincidence but i own your dream car :)

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