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Thank you Thank You Thank You x 1000
COLOURLovers are the best !
It was the love of Color the drew me to this site originally but it is the love of CL members that keeps me coming back. Love is the only thing more beautiful than color and your Love and support outshine the brightest rainbow in the heavens.
I hope you understand how sincerely grateful I am for your love and I wish you love in return multiplied 1000 times.

Warmest Wishes for a happy holiday season to you and all your loved ones.

Awesome! Sometimes lovers make their colors into sentences relating to the palette. Here's an (awful) example I found of mine:
Year of the Rat

If you change the hex code slightly like from AABBCC to say ACBBCC then you can make new colors and name them like that. Or you can always do a search (I prefer making new colors though, hehe).

So that might be something interesting to do in the future if you run out of ideas.
I'm really intrigued by your "a stronger loving world" series...
That's a really creative and clever idea, so major props for that.

I don't know anything about Watchmen, but did you incorporate the color titles into the meaning? If so, that'd be really awesome. If not, that's something to consider for your next series.

Again, lovely work!
Thank you very much for the comment! I really appreciate it! This is one of my favorites as well :)
Forehead Kisses
Love your work! Beautiful :)
I would like to apologize for "commenting" your palletes. Usually, when I can't find words to say about a particular pallete I use my own palletes in place of my words. I never realized that some people might feel offended if I used them instead of words, but you have showed me that there is a chance of that happening.

Also, I would like to comment on your lover bio. I found it interesting when you said the palletes tell a story. So could it be possible to transform a large number of palletes into a short novel or story?
thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a comprehensive analysis of 'Exploitation of ideas', I'm honoured! And welcome here by the way, I love your space-inspired stuff
thanks for the love!

Hurricane Sunset
Thanks for the love /comment.

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