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Jeff Tibbetts

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Jeff Tibbetts
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Iowa, United States


Professional Tech Trainer / Web Developer and Graphic Designer


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Jeff Tibbetts
In response to your comment about my yankee bayonet palette, i did search out the sparrow colors. I tried to use the dead of manassas color as sort of a muddy blood like color to go with gore.

thanks for the love on the palette also
Thanks for all of your helpful comments. Julian of Norwich is really good. I think I'm gonna use it for a theme soon. I love reds and yellows to death...overly.
wow thank you very much for your comment. I'm very flattered. I've glanced at your library thing profile and see that you have a lot of great books. I'm a voracious reader and love to see what other people read. I've also made a profile on library thing under the same screen name.
I'm mark by the way.
oh I see now that it's random books from your library... that's excellent. nice.
collapse is very good, guns, germs and steel was excellent. I just finished christopher hitchen's new book "god is not great".
Thanks for the comment on "the art of stalking". It is a bit soft for a techno palette, but I wasn't intending it to be one. It's kind of dark and shady and the title just fit.
I love your icon and the photo on this page, your palettes and colours are really great. Welcome to colourlovers.
Hello, thank you very much for your comment :) and I love your Revisionist Orange palette.
Thanks for the comments! I feel very loved : ) I love how you really analyze palettes. It's like they're poems to you. Very beautiful.

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