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The Perfect Robin's Egg Blue Paint Color

The Perfect Robin's Egg Blue Paint Color

I was on the hunt for about 6 months looking for the perfect color for my bedroom. After such a hunt, I realized there probably isn't a perfect "Robin's Egg Blue" that fits each and every room or piece of furniture.

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Many people in the blogosphere have talked about their quest in finding the perfect paint color. I checked out every single one of those blog posts and tested every single one of those colors. Unfortunately for me, none seemed to fit just right. So the search continued and I finally found the perfect color.

Source: Nursery, Bedroom

I was looking for something like the bedroom above on the right or something like this bookcase below. To me, this color is a warm blue tone that is subtle yet inviting. I was coming across either icy colors, baby blue colors or just bright blue tones which I didn't want. Since I wanted something warm, it needed a hint of green to soften the tone up just a little.


Centsational Girl talked a lot about finding the perfect Robin's Egg Blue paint color, and I must say, she did a lot more research than I did! I mean, check out all those paint swatches!


Red Bird Cabin suggested "antiguan sky" from Benjamin Moore.


And now, it was time to try all of these samples on the wall.


I choose tried 4 different paint colors. As you can see, some were not quite what I was expecting when I opened the can. None the less, I tried them all on the wall to see the results.

The runner up was "Bird's Egg Blue" by Benjamin Moore. It was a tiny bit too blue for me, so I decided to jump over to the next swatch which had a little more green in it, "Antiguan Sky" from Benjamin Moore. This ended up being the perfect color for the wall!

The room isn't done being decorated yet, but check out the overall color on the wall. It is the perfect mix of blue and green and offers a warm feel in the room.

Do you like the final color? Are you in search of the perfect Robin's Egg Blue color? Which ones have you tried?

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that's my favorite color! <3
me too! So happy I finally found the right color for my room

gibbygirl wrote:
that's my favorite color! <3
I agree. |) Robin's egg blue requires a delecate ballence of light blue and a little touch of mint. =)
Great color!
k : )
Nice Colour! <3
nice colours! :D
I too have kissed a few froggy paints in my search for this colour - love the one you found!
THANK YO FOR THIS.. I have been going round and round about my bedroom wall too... this is exactly what I was looking for! thanks for doing most of the work :) Although, I'm covering NAVY...so i'm sure I'm in for a real treat once the paint hits the brushes...
I like it~~!Great~~!
Great colors.
Turned out great!

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