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Remember @vibesocool idk if he's really gone or not but.. if he is, I will remember him.. If no one else did, I at least, loved him So very much Even after all…
2 Lovers0 Conversations194 Palettes0 Colors77 PatternsThis group is private
Hues of Home Howdy! This group is all about the colours of home. Use a photo or your mind to create beautiful palettes, patterns and colours that represent the…
38 Lovers4 Conversations274 Palettes23 Colors372 Patterns
Fifty-fifty split Hey ! Let's make templates and patterns twins and more !! Minimum two templates required for a double patern ! Put numbers on each to remember the p…
8 Lovers5 Conversations0 Palettes0 Colors23 PatternsThis group is private
The FROZEN Color Group! Hello! All Elsa, Anna, Olaf, etc, fans! Show your FROZEN spirit with colors, palletes, and patterns. Just remember, all submissions MUST be relat…
7 Lovers1 Conversation8 Palettes5 Colors3 Patterns
Underloved Patterns Group Have you created some patterns, but some of them are underloved and you don't know why? This group is made for you! Here you can post your underloved…
46 Lovers2 Conversations163 Palettes16 Colors327 Patterns
lady gaga remember lady gaga with the meat dress in 2012 well if she's your favorite singer then join in
2 Lovers0 Conversations0 Palettes0 Colors0 Patterns
Snowflakes 4 Sandy Hook Communities throughout the world were reaching out to the community of Newtown, CT to honor & remember the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School by …
59 Lovers3 Conversations344 Palettes9 Colors1,661 Patterns
CL Addicts I bet a lot of you Colourlovers are addicts. If you are, this group is for you! In this group, you can share all your advice about CL with other addic…
20 Lovers3 Conversations391 Palettes1 Color459 Patterns
Creative Art Challenge This week's challenge is to make a palette using only blue and the tagging it "cac". Make as many as you want, but remember to tag it!!!!
9 Lovers1 Conversation29 Palettes8 Colors43 Patterns
Express With Colors This is a group dedicated to challenges, in which the Admin will give a sentence or a word, and the members will express it using colors (it may be pa…
472 Lovers46 Conversations6,296 Palettes13,944 Colors18,577 Patterns
"THE BIG BANG THEORY" Who loves the TV show "The Big Bang Theory"? If you do, this group is about lots of ColourLoving. Remember Green Lantern? Star Trek? Marvel Comic C…
25 Lovers2 Conversations56 Palettes17 Colors114 Patterns
Military Remembering our Troops and Veterans.
3 Lovers0 Conversations0 Palettes0 Colors0 Patterns
Remember When... Remember what you did when you were little? All those sayings that Grandma/pa said over and over? Show your love for history, even if it's your own.
3 Lovers0 Conversations1 Palette0 Colors31 Patterns
niniko`s love projects Just a place to keep the stuff I make as a part of some kind of project - mine or someone else's, as well as the great gifts I received from my lovely…
17 Lovers12 Conversations9 Palettes0 Colors26 Patterns
Amazing Artists Welcome to my group, please post any of your favorite artwork! Remember, the Bloodline pattern contest entries must be in by December 10th. I w…
12 Lovers5 Conversations98 Palettes1,245 Colors618 Patterns
SoUng_ColoUrs** this Palette... Color... Patter... reminds me to this song: ________________________ ;D love it!! Remember adding your song link!!
4 Lovers1 Conversation10 Palettes0 Colors0 Patterns
Remembering our Alabama Family A place to put all the palettes I have made over the last week for the memoriam of 4-27-2011. In Alabama we have lost close to 300 people and it conti…
8 Lovers6 Conversations10 Palettes0 Colors89 Patterns
RECIPE PALETTE FUN I love food! Who doesn't? We each have our favorite foods & favorite recipes. Let's share!! Goal: 1. Make a palette based on food items; breakfa…
21 Lovers25 Conversations1,081 Palettes2,961 Colors398 Patterns
For the Love of Animals Furry, Purring, Loyal, Cuddly, Strange, Beautiful... Animals are also colourful! Join & share your stuff based on or named after animals. Post in t…
172 Lovers13 Conversations1,459 Palettes507 Colors2,732 Patterns
•orlando• §16 never forget, never remember
1 Lover0 Conversations1 Palette0 Colors1 PatternThis group is private

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