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x_1013_x Pattern

Created Jul 22, 2008

x_1013_x Pattern











This is a home where the Bloodline pattern can be cared for. I died and went to heaven when it was added. For other fans, this group home is for you.

If you are inclined the "Rules for x_1013_ Bloodline Pattern Group" might help you out if you have questions. Also, a little history about how this pattern came to be can be found in the rules.

Thank you to all who join. This is for you.

Cheers, peace and love!

Yours and MIne ~ FAVORITES for August

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Love how the black really makes the lovely greens and blues Pop!

I love the warm glow this has. I think that is a green? Hope so!!


Smile Awhile

It is definitely hard to choose - there are so many lovely Bloodlines out there!!!
Thank you for your group consideration of this pattern... BeCarefulWhatUWish4 another one? Thank you again...Some of these must have been better than average. The Nile? Denial
and this, even...thank you so much. -- I'm sure that crazy titles help.
Swirly InThe Morning
thanks to the people who have chosen mine :D
yours: wish I could vote more than two, all them are awesome!!
crimson & clover
love the title,perfect use of this pattern :D
garden wedding
august rainbow moon
Highwireart wrote [snip]:
... I am pleased to say, Septembers challenge will be top 5 Yours and 1 of Mine ...

Yay! What a lovely Labor Day present!
Thanks for expanding the "Yours" to 5 in September Highwireart. Though even that won't be enough to as this group is so packed with talented people.
Sorry, I'm a little late. :)
Others favorites:
cottage window

The Dogwood's Legend

My favorite:
Light Chasers
Better late then never. :-) Cheers to all and kudos to all your choices for the month of August. Next month, a little breather. You will be able to choose 5 of Yours (other CL's) and 1 of Mine (your own). Enjoy the lovely month of September. Be kind to others and yourself. Cheers.
Is it already Sept 10th!? EeeekkkK! Sorry to be so late but GREENS are my favs and I really wanted to add my choices for August!
Julee's greens Green Velvet

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