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x_1013_x Pattern

Created Jul 22, 2008

x_1013_x Pattern











This is a home where the Bloodline pattern can be cared for. I died and went to heaven when it was added. For other fans, this group home is for you.

If you are inclined the "Rules for x_1013_ Bloodline Pattern Group" might help you out if you have questions. Also, a little history about how this pattern came to be can be found in the rules.

Thank you to all who join. This is for you.

Cheers, peace and love!

Food Groups Bloodline patterns inspired by foods

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Spice Blend

Ice Flower in Lime


Art of the Baristas

Strawberry Shortcake

I dream in Chocolate

Where's Starbucks?

Gingerbread Houses

September Food Bloodlines
Scary Veggie Patch

Ahhhh!!! We are headed to heaven here. Colors, food, music.......... Cheers!

Italian Ice CreamCherry Tart
May I add some of my very special
Raspberry Tarts
Feel free to enjoy...:)
Cream Caramels
Summer Fruit
MACARON☆ #1Magnolia Dragonfruit

Hope candy is a food. ;-)
Monster Candy
Melon Brightness
Tossed Salad

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