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x_1013_x Pattern

Created Jul 22, 2008

x_1013_x Pattern











This is a home where the Bloodline pattern can be cared for. I died and went to heaven when it was added. For other fans, this group home is for you.

If you are inclined the "Rules for x_1013_ Bloodline Pattern Group" might help you out if you have questions. Also, a little history about how this pattern came to be can be found in the rules.

Thank you to all who join. This is for you.

Cheers, peace and love!

Music Bloodline Pattern ~ Let us know what you listen to

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Octopus's GardenJohn Lennons GuitarTicket To RideCat Stevens
See Me, Feel Me
My SEPTEMBER music: Stuff I am listening to.....

Fragile Is The Heart
Take That PearlGet To Know You" target="_blank" style="font-size: 10px; color: #5e5e5e;%Angels Among UsGod Of Everything
It's going to be a long list!!!

Obscured by Clouds Je m'appelle Jane Space Oddity Babooshka Adagio for Morrison Wuthering Heights Child in His Eyes Duet Skating Away Moth Old Ghosts II Aqualung Life's a Long Song CritiqueOblique JackInTheGreenSongs fron the WoodsThick as a Brick II Bohemian Rhapsody Other Side Wild Is The Wind HowDeepIsYourLove? GrowUp!OhNoh. Breathe Pigs Sheep Snow Blind
November Music Lovin':

From Iron & Wine's our endless numbered days album:

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