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x_1013_x Pattern

Created Jul 22, 2008

x_1013_x Pattern











This is a home where the Bloodline pattern can be cared for. I died and went to heaven when it was added. For other fans, this group home is for you.

If you are inclined the "Rules for x_1013_ Bloodline Pattern Group" might help you out if you have questions. Also, a little history about how this pattern came to be can be found in the rules.

Thank you to all who join. This is for you.

Cheers, peace and love!

Rules of x_1013_x Bloodline Pattern Group

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There are so many ways a group can run and I am not all that particular only so long as this is dedicated to the Bloodline pattern created by x_1013_.

I created color type conversations because that's what I wanted and how I think about this. Get to know the conversations by name. Where will you want to put your Bloodline pattern? In the Flea Market, the Pink Blush, the Blue, or the Hard As Nails Bloodline folder?

That being said, select the color conversation you want to be in and scroll to the bottom and make a comment, which will become your own file so to speak in that conversation folder. Then you can edit it to add more of yours or others favorite patterns. Remember, if others choose to use the folder this way, the conversation might appear a week old, but could have new patterns added today. So browse like you would an art gallery. You might not want to organize that way which is just fine. It's all good.

You can create your own conversation folder as well. Check to see if we have a conversation already started, otherwise, this is your group.

Here is the mini history of the pattern from the creator, x_1013_x: "Well, I actually titled it 'Bloodline' when I was working on it. I was reading "The Expected One" about the descendants of Mary Magdalene, think "Da Vinci Code". I included the five-petaled rose and the fleur de lis because of that, but the pattern could be titled anything I suppose."


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HWA, I've been around a looong time, and have used the palette search feature many many times, and I never noticed the Date Published and Through fields before. Thank you very much!
LOL...I've been sending all my Bloodlines patterns to a group called Aleph Null for a year! I should visit the group homes more often ;)
Well, I'm afraid I went a little batshit, but my excuse is I've found my people!

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