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Make a palette by searching keywords? Post it here!

a couple new ones

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all by myself
uses: Jura Solitude, Deeper Into Solitude, pain of solitude, Holy Solitude, Prune Solitude

nothing but truth
uses: truthfulness, dare to truth, truths, truth, fed it truth

Nicely done, silver! :)
Thanks, Dia!
And another...

totally spooky
uses: spooky, spooky purple, spooky limit, spooky purple, spooky blue

And yes, another!
simply shocking!
uses: shocking news, shocking discovery, shocking pink, shocking, shocking!
You've definitely got the idea, and your combinations are really super. Thanks for joining the group. :)
And again:

just my imagination
uses: imaginary, imaginary lights, imaginary friend, imaginary being, imaginary blue

I appreciate the welcome, Dia. Glad you formed this group. I think more people would be doing it if they knew how much fun it is to sort through a handful of colors, unrelated except for something about their name, and come up with a workable palette. Too much fun, sometimes. ;D
Oops, I did it again. ;)

death of the sun
uses: Eclipse, eclipse at dawn, eclipse, ecilipse, Total Eclipse

the sun is eclipsed
uses: eclipse, eclipse, Eclipsed Forest, eclipse 1, eclipse

eclipse back in time
uses: Eclipse, In Your Eclipse, Partial Eclipse, Eclipse, Eclipse, Eclipse 5

dark total eclipse
uses: eclipse 1, eclipse, Total Eclipse, eclipse, eclipse

There are many, many more "eclipse" colors available, too. :)
back together again
featuring: Quiet Reuinion, Reunion, reunion, Reunion, Reunion
blues of december
featuring: latedecember blue, December blue, December blue, december blues, december blue
My December
starring: My December love, my december, My December, This Is My December, My December Tour
O December
with: December, December 6am, December Whisper, December, december days
Again. :)

what day is it?
featuring: Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday

silver wrote:
Again. :)

what day is it?
featuring: Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday

Um, is it..... Tuesday? ;D

love it!
Dia wrote:

Um, is it..... Tuesday? ;D

love it!

Aw, you guessed! ;)
I'm at it again. Got a hankering for nutmeg today, and I found far more colors than I could ever use. :)

essential nutmeg
nutmeg is everything
the love of nutmeg

Each of these palettes is built with the colors: "nutmeg, nutmeg, nutmeg, nutmeg, nutmeg" -- but each color is a different one!
And then I messed around with some beliefs... ;)

complete disbelief
with: I Can't Believe It, i just can't believe, Can't Believe, i don't believe it, when I can't believe

we believe in you
with: "I believe in you" X 5
many hours

with: "all night long" X 5
only my soul

featuring: "my soul" X 5
For Colour Lovers Challenge #001 [02.17 - 02.23]:
This Weeks Challenge Is Your Personality In Color. Each color in your [palette] must be the name of a personality trait of yours. [There] are numerous colors out [there] that can work for this challenge.

[clc] it's personal
includes: dedicated, Man on a Mission, colour lover!, Passionate Secret, Deep Into the Mystic
french vanilla swirl

contains: 100% french vanilla ;)

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