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Created Oct 25, 2007

interior love











After lots of surfing on the net and viewing even more interior magazines i've realised there are many colorschemes ior interiors.

What does yours looks like?
Or how would your dreamhouse look like?

This is a place to share your love for colors & interiors, palettes based on pictures of interiors.


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Hey guys, my sister is moving out in a few weeks, so I'm trying to gather ideas for the makeover once she is gone. I've got a blue bedspread that is staying, and a brown suede pillow and curtain - but the browns can go. I want it light and fresh. This is what I'm thinking so far... is it too beachy? Give me some suggestions/feedback/etc. Thanks!

Guest Room
Here is a one that is much less 'light and fresh'. i can never make up my mind on anything!

Guest Room 2

this one uses the current green wall colour (less work if i don't have to paint over it!!) and the brown curtains i've already got. i love the deep mustard yellow this season, and might use it on pillows and other decorations around.
how about this? I've taken the brown out which you didn't really want and added a red in similar value to your green and black to make the colors pop..

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