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avilluk color

Created Sep 7, 2009

avilluk color











Browns and greens, thx.
Colors, palettes, patterns without browns and greens.
avilluk color works without browns and greens. Except, irony, illustration, criticism.
avilluk color treats this as a challenge not as a dogma.

browns and greens | thx

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avilluk color works without browns and greens || except | love | dedication | faving | fun | irony | illustration | criticism ||

avilluk color treats this as an idea or axiom not as a dogma || thus | no need for your emotional outbursts | as the case has been || it is like a game in which you make very little use of your hands ||

browns and greens are natural colors || they are flooding even towns like london | paris | berlin | kl ||

avilluk sees no reason why human creation should imitate nature in this aspect ||

the color sense needs colors as the brain air || thus | provide colors which are rare in nature ||

black and white are culture colors ||

browns and greens | thx ||

the color examples you find in the conversation labeled browns | thx and greens | thx ||

the palette and pattern examples as above ||
edge discussion

Color by COLOURlovers

Color by COLOURlovers

please read the comments and descriptions of the palettes || :) ||

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