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You've Got Character

Created Jul 20, 2012

You've Got Character











A repository of templates of single alphanumeric characters....the English letters A to Z, numbers 0 to 9, whatever character anyone wants to create...any language, number or letter. Upper or lower case.

Each template must be one character only.

When you open some novels, the first letter of the first word in the story is sometimes very ornate. I thought it would be nice to have a bunch of those types of letters here.

If you create a template for the group please add the tag YGC.

Multiple Template Templates

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huege made these three templates to work together. I'll call them companion templates until I come up with a better name:



If you like making templates, huege encourages you to try to make your own set of companion templates :)
what a cool idea!
Another group of templates meant to play together....

Companion templates...

From this palette, Annabanana provided some code that we can copy and swap in our own pattern codes...


I made a few more companion templates. These ones are of a dinosaur. There are separate tail templates, body templates and a head template. All are tagged "chunkodino"

There are 2 different head templates, 4 bodies, and 3 tails, so if you stick with the 3 pattern configuration there are currently 24 different combinations.

You can omit the body.

Or add extra bodies.
Any template where the design doesn't cross the "edge" of the field can be considered a companion just need to use the same colour in the background of each pattern...

These two can be stuck together because the background colour is the same in both patterns…
Another set of companion templates….

Here I used 3 different colourings of the same template with a slight shift in the amount of blue:
Seems some changes were made awhile back to CL that don't allow us to make these combined patterns anymore. Apparently the code we used to combine patterns could also be used by hackers. So while I'm saddened this code door was shut to legitimate users, it's only a small sacrifice we make to keep CL viable and on-line.

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