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Web standards CSS Web design

Created Jun 9, 2008

Web standards CSS Web design











Web standards is a general term for the formal standards and other technical specifications that define and describe aspects of the World Wide Web. In recent years, the term has been more frequently associated with the trend of endorsing a set of standardised best practices for building web sites, and a philosophy of web design and development that includes those methods.

website critique

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first of all, thanks o lot for the response!

about these buttons, i've noticed this strange behaviour only with ie, i mean the space between the menu buttons gets a little bigger on mouse hover. gecko browsers and safari (whatever engine it runs on) are behaving correctly.

Oh, when it comes to menu items breaking down in two lines - it happens when the fonts are set bigger, i'm cool with that. the menu is pure CSS, so it has to happen at some point anyway, becouse i have set the width for the left column.
thank you for typography link, i have to check this out after i get some sleep :)

btw, i heard there is a website that shows you screenshots of your site in all different browsers, in all versions, but i also heard they are charging money for that, maybe you would happen to know any free service like that?

also, if you care, i think google has an option to translate the site? it's more on the terrible side, but gives you an idea what you're looking at :)

thanks again for checking this out!
thanks a lot liquid06, very helpful link!
pi wrote:The colors are very peaceful.

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