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Font, lettering, words, ink, calligraphy, etc. A contemplation of the Colors and Palettes inspired by and/or used for writing, printing, painting, carving, etc. letters and words of human (or alien) languages.

Fun and Fonts - the book "Just My Type"

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Is there anyone out there who has seen and loved the movie "Helvetica" - if you loved that, you need to check this book out - I got it from the library, but didn't want to return it - a friend got it for me as a birthday gift.
Something so amazing about typography - just like colors and patterns, you are creating a mood - so, just thought I would check this group out - I just joined a few days, having been playing with colors on Kuler - this site has so much to offer.
Would love some comments!
Hm, never heard of that book but I defiantly need to check it out. I watched Helvetica last semester in my beginning Typography class and enjoyed it.
Helvetica the documentary was a little too informative, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I will look into this book!
Absolute gem of a book. Fun and informative :-)

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