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Palettes/patterns/colors created as tributes to fellow ColourLovers. *** Please read the Rules and Guidelines post to know what this group is and isn't for. Thank you. ***

made for my lovers

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I have a lot of wonderful people on my list of lovers. My aim is to make each and every one of them a custom palette using their own colors. This may take a while, but it's a fun - and colorful! - challenge. :)

PureForm is Genius! PureForm
PureForm is Genius! PureForm
flying undr the hood PureForm
treasures of brynn brynn
a slice of peach Peachbelle
vaneea's pride Vaneea
electrik vision ElectrikMonk
tropical audrey Audrey613
lomi lomi salmon beeouder
colour loving hippie COLOURLover
reality bites again Realitybites
echoes of mravka mravka
ninak brights ninak
shalamael delight amael
gelentriaf-pr333 fpr3
like, for shore! shore
lesaint des couleurs lesaint
de loves, de spies despise
eleven and counting jamestomasino
rantzien horizon Rantzien
halloleigh'n myaleigh

bkeen bkool bklassy bkendall
clearly artsy artsykerley
wimer's gold Monokai
asthasr enchantment asthasr
katry kolours katry
lead on gypsum
tennaycee gentleman kaycee
sophi-stication Sophie
ghostly & pretty prettyghost
only the wind ruecian
atzimbatm fiesta atzimbatm
velvety crimson lizcrimson
foSho & tell foSho
vazu springtime vazu
enchanting smyles starsmyles
0 - 0 - 0 0
all kier kier
Others khalid
壯麗 charliewong
alt fukuzen
lunch in madrid pattymadrid
the perfect duluoz duluoz
Varvaracious Varvara
paletteofthetoe manofthetoe
Recreated after Palette Monster got hungry:
lesaint des couleurs lesaint
Oceanic 815 kriskhoury
Fidgetygidget Fidgety
tankobu drama tankobu
rendez-vous cachés Bolstar Jabricruds
secrets of iskandar iskandar
street corner saint codename_gimmick
curling curls funnycurlers
alas aleck x3 alic3
alpenizational alpen
outRAGEous rageforst
diving into the mind minddiver
Synthetic Aesthetic SyntheticElements
ooo, shiny! teepee
Dee TeePee Gee teepee
a little bit or more bitterstrawberries
xx jeje xx xxjenjeh
be kind, rewind retsof
skindeep sanity alainsane
soured rainbow souredpoison
jennijee whiz jennijee
a l'arc arcele
indeed in deed Kevindeed
Eas'ly Peasly Peasly
now you see it... nowinvisibly
qlearly qlaudia qlaudia
Kyoto Kyuteness KyotoCutie
Nieds a name Niels
girl gone vintage girlgonexgrey
to e or not to e edesigned
fiesta in montréal elbenja
thumb'lina applina applina
awesome palettes silver :D

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