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Created Sep 28, 2007

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The un-official FAQ - A group for sharing information about the COLOURlovers - tips and tricks, instructions, questions and answers of all kinds. If you dont know where to start, look in the "index" conversation.

All about Palette, Pattern and color badges

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What is a badge?
For convenience, we only mention palette badges. But everything in this post applies equally to patterns and colors - they also have badges.

A palette badge is a small thumbnail image of a palette, pattern or colour, along with some information about it - the name of the creator, an indication of it's current "heart" rating, it's rank and how many comments it has.

Badges are linked to their palette, pattern or colour pages - when someone clicks on a badge, the relevant page opens. This makes it a nice way to introduce your work to another ColourLover.

You can post badges in comments to other ColourLovers - to share your own work or give credit to those that inspired you. You can post them in the "Description" field , in a forum post or in a comment on a blog.

Badges as SPAM
Be sensitive - Some people consider the unsolicited posting of badges on their profiles as "spamming".

How to post a palette badge

On every palette page, you will find a link to that palette's badge to the right of the page, under the heading "Share This Palette Badge"

Copy the entire badge link that is listed here. Now you can post it in any place where you are normally able to submit text - for example, in a comment, in a forum post or in a Group conversation.
Thanks, klip ...

what I want to know is how to post the tiny little palettes I've seen on so many profiles - the little 83x45 sized ones, I mean.

The tiny little palettes you speak of are exactly what badges are. :)
This is a palette badge:
River Spirit

this is the size of the image I mean:

Oh you mean like in multiblends? It's much smaller then.

Go to a palette page.

Right click on the palette and select 'copy image URL'. It'll give you something like this:

Paste the URL into an img HTML tag. Like this:

<img src="">

Then add a style attribute to shrink it to the size you want. Like this:

<img src="" style="width: 40px; height: 56.25px;">

This should give you this:

You can make this any size you want of course.
Aaaah! Thanks so much :)
You're welcome, doll. :)
I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to get a widget of the - say 10 - latest color palettes that you've made. I would like to put a widget on my personal website that keeps track of the latest updates. I know there's an RSS feed, but I can't seem to find a way to get the color palettes to show up. The RSS widgets I found just put the name out there, but I would prefer the actual color palettes to show up too.
Any ideas?
@ Raondo:

Sorry for the late answer. I have no idea how to make this possible so I think you should post this in the general forum.
can you tell me how to post these "special" palette badges ?
the ones with the unequally distributed colours ... i like them
Do you mean these?


Fidgety wrote:
can you tell me how to post these "special" palette badges ?
the ones with the unequally distributed colours ... i like them
onebreath wrote:
Do you mean these?

Yes exactly :) It can't be explained in any other way than creating one ;)
But how ???

To create palettes with uneven widths, you must use the COPASO palette maker instead of the ordinary one. Then, you will be able to post badges of palettes you've made by going to the palette page and selecting the code for the badge, the same way you do it with normal palettes actually. If you need help with the COPASO maker, here is our section explaining how it works.

Also note that if you want to see COPASO palettes with the correct widths throughout the site, yours and others', you need to become a sponsor.

Have I answered your question?
Have I answered your question?

well yes. thank you so much onebrath :)

but this confuses me a little bit ... i created lots of palettes with the COPASO palette maker ... and i see all of these COPASO palettes with the correct widths ?!
for example this one:


well ... i'll stay on the ball ...
I can't see any uneven widths on the palette you posted in your comment. Also, palettes which have widths and were created with COPASO have a width button below them allowing you to see them with or without widths. I can't see this button on this palette page.

For example, here's one of mine with widths:,_it_is_cute.?c=1

And the same without widths:,_it_is_cute.?c=0

Are you sure you've used to make them?
onebreath wrote:
I can't see any uneven widths on the palette you posted in your comment.

Yes. This is my problem. I can't see any uneven widths. And I don't know how to get this with button.
I understand that it got something to do with COPASO ... but my COPASO created palette "yearing" is just as normal as ever ...

Here is an example:
I've got it! Thank you so much :)

This question is about posting palette or pattern badges outside Colour Lovers.

I was just able to embed a palette badge in my blog. It shows up for now. Will it continue to show up? Does the colour lovers server cut such linking when it refreshes? I can wait and see, but I thought it good to ask this in case anyone else might want to also know. Thank you.

I can't say for sure but I think it will continue to show up. Badges even have additional code when they're not posted in CL so that people know it's from the site so I think it means they want you to post it elsewhere and advertise the site. It's always been my understanding that CL welcomed posting stuff elsewhere.

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