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The un-official FAQ - A group for sharing information about the COLOURlovers - tips and tricks, instructions, questions and answers of all kinds. If you dont know where to start, look in the "index" conversation.

All about Palettes

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How do I add a palette (someone elses, not mine) I like to my favorites?

Sorry for the very late answer. Seems you figured it out on your own, though. :)
I occasionally come across people talking about '15-colour palettes'. What are they talking about?
How do you add a palette to your favorites? I can't seem to figure this out??
Can you preview a palette as a pattern before it is published??
How to add a palette to a conversation? pls help
coloursplash wrote:
How to add a palette to a conversation? pls help

Easy as can be, coloursplash. Go to your palette page. On the right hand side, you'll see a field marked: Share This Palette Badge. Copy this information (Ctrl-C) and then paste it (Ctrl-V) into your comment.
How can I make and post Multiblends?
I am so stupid, I read all the instructions from different users and I tried to do it and...I don't get it. I can't figure out how to post them...:(
Ok, since the layout changed to v4 i guess, i don't see a +Favorites button anymore anywhere on the palette page. I see a +follow. I can't find the pallettes I had favorited before. help?
hi guys..i need some help! i am creating number of palettes,patterns and colours..but it is showing the same number of them from 4 days!!!!! can anyone tell what the problem may be? plz help me guys..its kind of frustrating!!!!
I have some! =)

The above info is a bit out dated - here's how it is now:

There are 3 ways to create a palette on ColourLovers:

>> Basic Editor: no widths.
To access it, click on the main menu 'Create' > "Palette" - see more about it here

>> Copaso: with widths. and has more colour tools eg, shows the complimentary colour of the selected colour. -See more about it here

>> PHOTOCOPA Picking colours from a hosted photo - or you can choose one available in the gallery tab - See more about it here

Both COPASO and PHOTOCOPA can be accessed from the 'Tools' menu you see above
I have a question.
I joined the 10th of June and for a while now on my profile it says I have;
12 palettes, 1 pattern and 22 colors. When in fact the number is considerably higher.
For example at the moment I have at least 22 palettes and 3 patterns.
How come this isn't updated, is there something I can do to fix this?
Thanks in advance,
Working in Copasso, becuz I prefer the option to change widths, I began noticing that I didn’t like my tones as much after they were published. Copasso posts the colors against the black background as you choose them and then alter the widths. Yet when they publish and are displayed, they are displayed against the white background of the Browse and bio page.
I did a palette of a Sari I saw the other day. It was lavender draping over what I would call an electric violet, velvet like fabric, tee shirt (for lack of a better word). The lavender draping had a gold calligraphic pattern repeating over it.
When I did it in copasso, I was pleased with the colors. When I published it, I was disappointed, as the tones appeared muddied.

I’ve been noticing this variation with a number of palettes. So I went into Basic palette, typed in all of the r/g/b codes and the colors displayed against the white background of basic. I didn’t like the colors as much as I did when they were in copasso.
In Basic, I altered the colors to have more brilliance. I changed each one slightly til they appeared more satisfactory to me. I wrote down each new code, took them to Copasso and re-entered. Then altered the widths. Here they are
#1 is the original copasso version
#2 is the altered Basic, then Copasso version.
You see the difference? I definitley prefer the 2nd version. Which of the two do you prefer.
And is this an issue you’ve been made aware of with your palettes?
I wrestle with this greatly when I work the yellow and orange tones. However they seem to affect all the hues.
Clearly colors are sympathetic, and one color next to another alters the color.
I’m thinking of publishing this in one of the CL blogs to get others feedback.
I’m wondering is CL has the possibility/option, and if they would even want to change the background color of Copasso.

Color by COLOURlovers

Color by COLOURlovers

Here is the palette created in Copasso
Here is the palette then recreated in Basic.
chiron8 wrote:
Here is the palette then recreated in Basic.
Don't you lose the width?
I am kinda lost- so i have figured out how to create patterns and what not but what exactly are we creating them for? what can they be used for etc??? i guess what im asking is what do you people use this site for?
is there a way to combine duplicate palettes? or could there be in the future?
pengicupcake wrote:
is there a way to combine duplicate palettes? or could there be in the future?

no, but what you can do is edit one of them, like if you were making a new palette.

If you crushed the editable version in COPASO, you can always edit using the basic editor - using the 'edit' button by the palette - but careful! you'll lose the ability to add widths

See here about editing in COPASO

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