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Created Sep 28, 2007

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The un-official FAQ - A group for sharing information about the COLOURlovers - tips and tricks, instructions, questions and answers of all kinds. If you dont know where to start, look in the "index" conversation.

All About Profiles

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To be added: My Blog, My Pics.

How can I change my profile information?

Go to your profile - - then click on 'Edit this page'. There, you can edit your personal information (contact info, location, occupation, etc.) enter any other information you want to add, and change your profile picture and avatar. The only mandatory field is the one for your e-mail address, which won't be displayed; you can leave any other field blank if you're concerned about your privacy.

If you need help customizing your info area because you're not familiar with HTML, you will find some tutorials here.

Can I select which colors, palettes, patterns, groups and lovers are displayed on my profile?

Only if you have a sponsor account. In this case, go to your profile -, click on 'Edit this page'. Scroll down to 'Customize Your Profile Columns' and select your preferences. Then go back to the top of the page and click on the 'Settings' tab. There, you can pick five of your favorite lovers and four of your favorite groups to be displayed first.

What's 'My Speak'? Where can I see comments made by me or other lovers?

My Speak keeps track of comments on colors, palettes, patterns and profiles. You can look at any comments you made in the past in the My Speak section of your own profile page. If you click on the My Speak section of another lover's profile page, you'll also see all the comments they made. Go to your own or another lover's profile page - - then click on the 'My Speak' tab. On the left are shown the comments made on palettes and colors. On the right are shown the comments made on profiles.
The Lovers page - - also displays all the comments made on lovers' profiles.

What are sponsors? What is the little red heart on some users' avatars and pictures?

Sponsors are users who support the site by paying a yearly fee of $20. In exchange for this fee, they get more features (see here for details). Sponsors can choose to display a little red heart on their avatars and profile pictures to indicate their status.
To become a sponsor or gift someone with a year of sponsorship, go to your profile page - - then click on the 'Sponsors' tab. Payment is done via Paypal.

What's 'Recent Activity'? Where can I see who used my colors or faved my work?

Recent Activity keeps track of the activities which you're generally not notified about: palettes and patterns created with one of your colors, new comments added to your profile or your creations, one of your creations faved by a lover, and a lover adding you to their love list. Go to your profile page - - then click on the 'Recent Activity' tab. Note that sponsors are allowed to get a complete history whereas other users can only see the last five items.

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Maybe we can add this link in here:

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Done! :)
Where can I turn off the "swear filter"

On your profile page - go to the "settings" tag at the top. The swear filter is turned on by default. Uncheck the relevant box.

How do i post some of my patterns and pallettes in my profile page?
I'm having trouble setting a profile picture. I keep setting it but it doesn't show up.
How do I set my profile pic? I choose an image and save it, then get this message: Resize Profile Picture; Nothing to see here!

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