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Created Sep 28, 2007

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The un-official FAQ - A group for sharing information about the COLOURlovers - tips and tricks, instructions, questions and answers of all kinds. If you dont know where to start, look in the "index" conversation.


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Using COPASO to easily combine palettes

By iluvhim637

A combined palette or Mashup is a palette made from 2 other palettes. (see an example)

On all COLOURlovers pages there is a top menu, on the very right click on ‘TOOLS’ then in the submenu, on ‘COPASO’ - or just click here

Illustration 1: The COPASO interface

Click to view bigger

1) Publish This will ask you 'New' or 'Overwrite'? = publish a new palette or overwrite your previous one.
Careful: If you publish a 2nd palette by editing a old one, save it first or you will not be able to edit the old one!!
2) Save (without publishing)
3) Open to edit a saved palette
4) Scratch is a kind of scratpad where you can put aside all the colour you might use
5) Colours is to search for colours
6) Palette is to search for palettes
7) Palette Details is to write all the details of your palette:
> Palette Name:
> Palette Description:
> Link: adds a link at the right of the description area - this will considerably reduce the widths of your description area.
> Image: 'click here to attach an image' will popup an list images you have unloaded using 'Attach New' (see num 10) - this also will reduce the widths of your description area.
If you add an image and a link, the image becomes clickable.
> Tags: to make you palette searchable - see why add tags & How to tag
Add to my group: Your palette will show up on the homepage of the groups you checked

8) Palette creation area :
top arrows enable to change the widths of the colors
bottom arrows resets all the widths to default
Rectangle sign: preview in big

9) Notes: Notes added here are 'attached' to the palette, they will show up each time you edit the same palette.
10) image area:
Attache new: to upload an image
Pixelate: to pick colors from the picture (like in PHOTOCOPA)

Palettes is what we want, so click on ‘Palette’

In the ‘Palette’ area, click in the ‘keyword’ box and type the name or tags of the palette you want.

For this exercise, type: IFRC and then validate by clicking ‘search palettes’.

It should find it for you...

Now this is what you should something like this

Illustration 2: Palette area with search results

Tiny pictures of palettes should pop up.

Click on the tiny plus in the upper left corner of the palettes you want to combine, they will be added to your scratchpad.

Repeat the process until you have all the colours you want.

Now go to your scratchpad by clicking on SCRATCH, it should now contain all the colours you want and should look something like this:

Illustration 3: The colours of the palette you searched in the scratchpad

Now you can make your palette!

To add the colors to the top palette area:

1) in the top palette area, click to select where you want to put your colour.

2) in the scratchpad, double click the color you want.

The color should appear in the top palette.

Illustration 4: Top palette area

To adjust the widths of each colour

Drag the small arrows between each colour.

Make each color as skinny as you would like or as wide as you want

Illustration 5: Small drag-able arrows to change the width of the colors

Now, click on ‘Palette Details’ and fill in all the palette details: Name, description, tags...

... and save it and your good to go!

PS: you can also add it to the Take Two [2] or the Mix’n Mashup group!

Hope this helps! Love Iluvhim

How To Keep The same widths:

PS: Copied my answer from this comment


Edit the same palette without touching the widths!
Click save to have a copy in your 'database' and then publish -> New
(if you don't save, you'll lose the possibility to edit your 1st palette!)

But sometimes when you re-open a palette, the widths aren't right - in that case re-open it many times as necessary (generally 3x for thin widths) - until the widths is right


mujuuryoku wrote:

(click image to enlarge)

When you're creating palettes in COPASO, the arrows to adjust the widths are right above the palette box, in between the boxes that say "color not set" or in between the colors you've chosen. Hope that helps!


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